Domestic dispute spills out into St. John’s street

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Police were called to Southside Road Thursday afternoon to respond to a domestic dispute that spilled out into the streets.

One man is in custody with possible charges pending. At least seven marked Royal Newfoundland Constabulary vehicles were in the area, along with one unmarked police vehicle, and the RNC’s K-9 unit was also at the scene.

According to the RNC, police received multiple calls from neighbours about the incident, with some suggesting the situation was more serious than it in fact turned out to be. One neighbour told The Telegram he has noticed an increased police presence in the area.

Police were witnessed speaking with a woman in one of the RNC vehicles parked at the scene late Thursday afternoon. Paramedics also responded, but no one required medical attention.

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  • Keep them safe
    September 06, 2014 - 12:10

    FACTS about Domestic Abusers: - Most domestic abusers (89-90%) do not have a college degree. Most have high school or a GED at best. - Most domestic abusers are male - Most domestic abusers lie and smear the victim when they are charged. **RED FLAG** - a guilty abuser will almost always smear the victim in an attempt to avoid a criminal record, unless they are truly remorseful and want treatment, then they plead guilty early. - a sign of a dangerous abuser is SEVERAL domestic assault charges against the same victim, continuing prosecution without lessening of charges by the district attorney or crown attorney (sign of a strong case) - domestic abusers get arrested again and again and not necessarily for assault charges - usually Driving While Intoxicated, Drug and Possession charges - domestic abusers lie, constantly, to everyone. - domestic abusers have histories of infidelities BUT accuse their partners of infidelity - domestic abusers usually have had children with more than one female and/or have been married more than once. - domestic abusers are drawn to jobs that require charm and false fronts such as sales - domestic abusers usually have strange sexual issues or are sex addicts - domestic abusers usually abuse a woman for an average of SEVEN years before they are caught. - true domestic abusers will continue to ignore court conditions, contact and harass, threaten the victim or woman, may rape her and re-assault her as punishment for her seeking assistance from the police - domestic abusers gain pleasure from evading authorities and usually brag about this - domestic abusers leave clues as to their plans for abuse before they abuse - there is always a trail in hindsight - the MOST dangerous domestic abusers have used MORE than one of the following violent lethal tactics against a woman: *strangulation or choking *punching *smothering *anything that causes a head injury (pushing into a surface, blunt force trauma from a fist or an object) HEAD INJURIES AND STRANGULATION ARE THE NUMBER ONE INDICATORS OF DANGEROUSNESS IN A DOMESTIC ABUSER IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN CHOKED OR HAVE SUSTAINED A HEAD INJURY YOUR RISK OF DEATH IS TRIPLED. 1. STRANGULATION CAROTID ARTERY PRESSURE = DEATH WITHIN MINUTES 2. HEAD INJURIES = BRAIN SWELLING or HEMMORRAGE = DEATH WITHIN MINUTES When a district attorney wants to take a true domestic abuser to trial, and any of the above exist (strangulation or head injury in the victim), they really want the abuser convicted, because the literature and research supports this - these types of injuries are synonymous with lethality in domestic violence situations and present with the most risk factors in terms of re-offending.

  • dianne
    September 04, 2014 - 22:10

    LOL & we wonder where they all are when we see someone breaking the law on the Streets while Driving around town... Ex: Speeding, running red lights, Cell Phones etc...

  • A mom
    September 04, 2014 - 15:57

    Yes and our children had to be escorted though this from their school bus so they could walk rest of the way,god only knows what was going on were there weapons involved shouldn't these kids been kept on the bus until it was clear to go.Time for this house to be cleaned up anyways.Its a weekly thing.