Prime Minister spending Easter on Fogo Island

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family are spending Easter on Fogo Island according to numerous reports.

His itinerary for Easter Sunday merely says he is attending private appointments.

The prime minister, along with his wife and three children, were spotted at Gander airport on Friday as they changed planes.

Geographic location: Fogo Island, Gander

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Recent comments

  • roy206
    March 28, 2016 - 13:16

    As the day comes to an end I rest my case on everyone signing their comments.....If the readers would check all the comments posted this very day and tell me you don't agree that it's time for us to grow up.

  • alice
    March 28, 2016 - 13:02

    people get a life and stop betching about justin im proud he went to fogo island and if his family comes to newtown my summer home he can stay with us and he dont have to spend a dime enjoy justin and your family

  • The real Calvin
    March 28, 2016 - 12:21

    Holy lawd people, this was a personal vacation. It was indirectly on the tax payer's dime, because we do pay his salary after all, but sweet jeebus get a clue. Almost every career in Canada is indirectly funded by tax payer's money. A carpenter who helped build a hospital decided to vacation in Mexico last week. We'd best lynch him along with the PM for spending his income (which originated as tax dollars before being paid to the construction company he works with) as he sees fit. Why not complain about an actual problem? Like the fact that there are still hundreds of kids who go to school hungry every day of the week in NL. Who am I kidding, you'd managed to find a problem with a government funded school breakfast program because tax dollars were involved...

  • roy206
    March 28, 2016 - 12:14

    Smarten up....He could be in vacationing anywhere.....It's in our financial best interest to have him right here..I hope the owner doesn't discount the bill one dime...

  • Huck
    March 28, 2016 - 11:50

    Oh, to be young and carefree.......with someone else's money.

    • What?
      March 28, 2016 - 12:56

      And whose money might that be? You Cons are a nasty lot. Your closet-diving hero Harper lost, get over it. Haven't heard anything from him lately, can only assume he's found another closet to hide in.

  • justin case
    March 28, 2016 - 11:40

    Every day I read the news and this guy is some where in the world, other than in Ottawa, doing what he was elected to do, working. It seems like one, long, drawn out family vacation. Let's get to work Justin and start doing the job you were elected to do, running this country to enhance Canadian lives. Vacation is never won a celebrity contest that includes endless travel.

  • Chris, From Downtown BC
    March 28, 2016 - 10:55

    Well, I see it didn't take long for the low-intellect Conservative nasties to start posting their vitriolic comments about PM Trudeau. Did Steve, the cowardly closet queen, or as the Guardian so aptly referred to him as a 'vacuous, anodyne nothing", ever holiday in NL? Not on your life. He despised NLers. So Fred, Barry and Figgy, get over it. Your hero lost and is finished in this country.

  • Christine
    March 28, 2016 - 10:03

    So happy that our PM decided that the best place to be this Easter time with his lovely family was in our beautiful province. I hope they have an awesome stay full of ice bergs, whales and enjoying the locals! Tourism Newfoundland can't buy this kind of advertising!!

  • Fred
    March 28, 2016 - 01:44

    No Holiday Inn or local B and B for selfie boy hey......nothing but the best for Junior and his family. And his taxpayers funded babysitters.

  • Barry Campbell
    March 27, 2016 - 17:12

    Who gave this bozo permission to spend more of my money for the purpose of having vacation time for he, his family and the entourage he always brings with him. He should do the honorable thing and step down as PM of Canada.

    • Bogtrotter
      March 28, 2016 - 08:16

      Maybe he is spending his own money bozo. Perhaps you'd rather have Harper as PM.

    • Tim Lawrence
      March 28, 2016 - 11:29

      Totally agree Barry. I distinctly remember Harper insisting on staying only in YMCA hostels when he went on vacation. And no plane rides for our fave PM, either. He huddled on the side of the highway with his family and waved down a passing van like any true head of state would. Bless him! (I was a little peeved that he was seen eating brand name tv dinners, but I choose to believe he simply got lucky on that morning's dumpster dive.)

  • Figgy Duff
    March 27, 2016 - 14:02

    It would be nice if the cost of this stay came out of his own pocket.

    • What?
      March 28, 2016 - 12:49

      Do you know that he is not? What's your source?

  • philpower
    March 27, 2016 - 11:52

    I hope they won't get "fogo"ed in.

  • Harold
    March 27, 2016 - 08:47

    I hope Mr. Trudeau and his family enjoy the Newfoundland hospitality this Easter weekend. out of all the places he could have gone he choose to come spend the weekend here in our part of the world. Thank you for coming to visit Mr. PM . please sit and have a cup of tea with the locals. Happy Easter everyone.