Navigating Nursing Homes

Navigating Nursing Homes
Ideally, long-term care homes are homes. It’s where many people will spend their final years of life. That’s why choosing the right place is crucial. — Photo by Thinkstock
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Kathy Noble
- October 26, 2016
- 19 h 00

I have notice a drop in the level of care just in the past few mouths as well...and the staff are run off their feet doing their absolute best. Let's begin again, with discussing the so called "model of care". If we look around the world to see how our precious elders are cared for, we need to hang our heads in shame. We have fabulously caring, knowledgeable, and capable people who would love to be respected and have those they care for respected as well. Time to shift the paradigm and treat people, who are closing in on the end of their lives with the humanity and compassion we all deserve. They are full of wisdom, humour and strength and we have so much we could learn. Would gladly lend my energy and voice to advocate to see movement in the right direction.

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