Vigil sparks stories of loss

Killed in front of their children. Killed while pregnant. Women killed with axes, screwdrivers, guns and hammers. Shot and stabbed multiple times. Stuffed in pillowcases. Killed by those who were supposed to love them.

The painful emotions linked to a vigil held Feb. 3 Coalition Against Violence, to remember women and girls either murdered or missing in Newfoundland and Labrador, inspired a series of stories in The Telegram, leading up to and immediately following the vigil.

Vigil sparks stories of loss
At a vigil for murdered and missing women and girls at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s Monday night, names were read from a card, the card was placed on a table and a candle was taken by the person reading it.
 — Photo by Keith Gosse/The Telegram
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Phoebe Davis
- October 22, 2016
- 19 h 00

My thoughts and prayers go out to the women and families of those missing and murdered. The lady I am about to mention is not from this province but her former husband and children are from Labrador. My common law husband married a lady from NB. He is from Cartwright. When they split in the late 80's this lady married again. She tried to get away from the violence in her family and moved to another province. Her new husband tracked her down and stabbed her to death in front of her two young sons. The eldest son was away at the time. She called the police repeatedly about his stalking but nothing concrete was done. My husband went and brought his sons home to Labrador where we raised my 6 children and his 3 together. Our sons were robbed of their Mom, were transplanted to a small community in Labrador from living in the city. I pray for and remember every day, Janice Cooke Green Wright.

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This photograph served as the inspiration for the Caribou Memorials, erected in commemoration of Newfoundland's war dead. — The Rooms Provincial Archives Division, A 68-82/S.H. Parsons & Sons