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Recent comments

  • Ken
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    This Minister knows nothing about the paper business. Everything this govt does is for political reasons not business reasons or for that matter in the best intest of the taxpayers.

    The Minister and the others connected with this file only speak when it is to their political advantage. Any true business leader would be cracked to do business with this crowd of vote getters.

    Dianne Ms. Jones is part of the problem not the solution. She was the first pony out of the gate to support expropriation of the assets without proper debate or investigation. She has NO creditability nor does Dunderdale.

    The chance to save papermaking in Grand Falls-Windsor is over. Govt. has the hydro for Nalcor and the communities don't
    even get to tax the resourse leaving their own backyard. Why Dunderdale would even talk about an expression of interest is beyond me. Obviously she doesn't understand the money markets, the forest industry and the fact there is NO interest in papermaking with old equipment. She doesn't even understand that her irresponsible comments have actually hurt the situation. When you are totally self absorbed with getting votes you will say and do anything to influence the masses.

    If they truly wanted to save papermaking in Central they would have been better playing with the crowd that had the mill running. Now its just a joke.

    Susan Sullivan let the cat out of the bag last Christmas when she said its time we all moved on. This govt with our money is on the hook for a blunder bigger than Sprung.

    Oh so sad.

  • Mike
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Dunderdale is dangerous. Almost everytime she opens her mouth, she says something that makes the gov't and the province look bad.

    Even if we were to forget that she allows Quebec Innu into the province to hunt illegally, suspends conservation officers for doing their job, was the minister that oversaw the expropriation of polluted grounds, publicly stated that polluter pays only to find out that they owned the polluting mill, and everything else that she says and does...how do we, or Danny, excuse her latest blunder.

    The discussions were susposed to be confidential. In fact, I am sure that there was a mutual non-disclosure agreement to allow the gov't and Motion invest to openly review the viability of the mill. That is standard practice. What interested party will trust the gov't now? How does Danny leave Blundrdale in cabinet after this serious a gaffe?

  • dianne
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Here is my question to Ms Jones, if she was the Premier of The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Tomorrow! whats would she do. with the Grand falls paper mill, How would she go about trying to get peoples back to work, or do she just like to blow wind, because this is not a hard question to answer, after all she is asking the people to vote for her.. in the up coming election.