Man wants prime minister charged for advocating for genocide

Diane Crocker
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Andrew Abbass didn’t quite know what to expect when he walked into the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary’s (RNC) Corner Brook headquarters on Monday morning.

Andrew Abbass holds the complaint he filed with the Corner Brook RNC alleging Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird have advocated genocide and several other complaints. — Submitted photo

Abbass was there to file a complaint.

Nothing unusual there for the police force, but the focus of his complaint was a little out of the ordinary.

Abbass is seeking to have Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird charged with advocating for genocide.

“They accepted it and filed the case,” he said.

His complaint, which also alleges creation and dissemination of propaganda, breach of public trust and uttering threats, stem from comments Harper and Baird have made about the ongoing Israeli conflict.

“In painting Hamas and the people of Gaza as a terrorist organization they’re basically sanctioning the killing of civilians,” said Abbass.

He’s put together a document that outlines the reasons for the requested charges that can be found via a link in an online petition. The document includes a video titled “Through Fire and Water,”, that Abbass describes as hate propaganda published by the Conservative Party of Canada.

The video references parts of a speech Harper made recently to the Israeli Knesset. During the speech, Harper said that Canada supports Israel fundamentally and pledges to stand with Israel “through fire and water.”

“I’m Canadian,” said Abbass when asked why he decided to seek legal action against Harper and Baird.

“I realize that we provide a bigger role in providing a moral compass for the West than like America does. Canada has always been the conscientious objector to using military action against civilians.”

Abbass said that’s what’s happening in Israel right now, where 25 per cent of the casualties are children, and Harper is advocating for it.

Abbass has studied at Memorial University and has met people from all over world.

“In talking about it we all realized that the people over there are fighting over stupid shit,” he said. “And it’s not our place to get in there and say you’re morally right or you’re morally wrong and you deserve to die.”

Abbass said the comments of Harper and Baird reflect on Canada.

He said there have been protests about it in Canada that have resulted in violence between Muslim and Jewish Canadians.

“It’s created division between us,” Abbass said. “It’s going to deepen division between religions.”

He said the end result is that the Canadian reputation is going to be tarnished and Canadians will become endangered overseas.

“You know we’re going to lose our reputation as a peacemaker,” said Abbass.

“Canadian prime ministers have always followed the rule of law when dealing with international situations and Stephen Harper has let his moral and religious beliefs get in the way of that.”

While Abbass filed his complaint with the RNC it won’t be this force that investigates.

Const. Scott Mosher, the RNC’s media relations officer, confirmed the file has been passed over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Mosher said that’s procedure for complaints of this nature. It had to be filed with the RNC first because it has jurisdiction over the city, and this is where Abbass lives.

“Our role in this would be to forward the information,” said Mosher. He added if there is any other support the RNC can offer it will.

Mosher agreed the complaint is a bit unusual for the city force.

“Not unusual in the sense we’ve received a complaint that has to be forwarded to another agency for investigation,” Mosher said.

In this case, he said, it’s the nature of the complaint and the people involved that’s out of the norm.

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Recent comments

  • Verdun Cohen
    August 23, 2015 - 05:17

    Explain how this terrorist group is allowed to get pass Bill C 51 Tell me are you aware of this ?Jewish Defense League Main article: Jewish Defense League The Jewish Defense League (JDL) was founded in 1969 by Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City. FBI statistics show that, from 1980 to 1985, 15 terrorist attacks were attempted in the U.S. by JDL members.The FBI’s Mary Doran described the JDL in 2004 Congressional testimony as "a proscribed terrorist group". The National Consortium for the Study of Terror and Responses to Terrorism states The JDL's activity, is an "active terrorist organization." Kahane later founded the far right Israeli political party Kach.

  • Frank Winslow
    August 03, 2014 - 14:36

    Abbass is not a Newfoundland name. I am not a racist and I support our troops engaging in peacekeeping duties, but when I hear of people in my province making such outlandish claims it upsets me. Don't involve us in your conflicts, it has been going on for hundreds of years and the only solution will be from Christ himself. If you want to get involved get on a plane, go to the middle east and support the side you are on. We do not support the murder of innocent men, women and children but we know we cannot solve the problem either. Andrew Abbass should be charged for making false claims against our federal government.

  • Matthew Timms
    July 30, 2014 - 13:22

    I support this 100%. Israel is freely engaged in war crimes against helpless Indigenous Palestinians. Free Palestine.

  • Matthew Timms
    July 30, 2014 - 13:15

    I support this 100%. Israel is freely engaged in war crimes against helpless Indigenous Palestinians. Free Palestine.

  • H. O'Doone
    July 25, 2014 - 16:17

    Good on you, Andrew. I'm proud this initiative is coming from a Newfoundlander.

  • Amitis Partovi
    July 25, 2014 - 07:40

    He is absolutely correct and he has my support. In fact, sign me up as well and let’s make this a class-action lawsuit. The federal government is not representing the Canadian people and they use our tax contributions to support and visit a state that is in defiance of UN security council resolutions more than any other state.