Science at a price

Updated on May 21, 2015 - The question is, just what exactly is it that you’re buying? Is it prestige, or prestige tinged with a little informal persuasion?


Cut fat, not bone

Updated on May 21, 2015 - I don’t know what kind of “justice” the two authors of a letter (“Budget hits where it hurts most”) in The Telegram May 11 are...


Be safe

Updated at 03:02 - It’s Friday and here’s hoping this weekend isn’t as tragic as last.

Frack-free state

Updated on May 21, 2015 - It’s one of the most hotly debated issues of our time, primarily because the stakes are so high on either side.

Tolerance on both sides, please

Updated on May 21, 2015 - The current controversy, which was fuelled by a local jeweller’s decision to express his personal views concerning the sanctity of...


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