Empty promises

Updated at 03:32 - There’s probably no better promise for a politician than one they make knowing that the courts will keep them from delivering.

Russell Wangersky

And they’re off

Updated at 03:32 - If anyone tells you they know who’ll win the October federal election, don’t believe them. By all accounts, this will be one of the...


Clarifying the parks plan

Updated on August 03, 2015 - In response to Bob Oxley’s letter to the editor (“Parks are precious public spaces”), July 27, I would like to provide...


Cheers & Jeers

Updated on August 03, 2015 - Cheers: to the capital city’s longest party of the summer. And we’re up to our necks in it right now. This is the week that...

Response to letter was revealing

Updated at 03:32 - It is my perception that when members of the LGBTQ community participate in their annual Pride Week activities, these persons are...

Conservatives MIA in N.L.

Updated on August 03, 2015 - Have they just given up?If the federal Conservatives haven’t surrendered the field in this province, they sure look like they have


The waters of our lives

Updated on August 01, 2015 - Interesting the number of things that flit into and out of our lives and then almost in a moment are gone.


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