Fishermen need to stand together

Updated at 03:02 - Recently, the host of “The Fisheries Broadcast” asked Richard Gillett of the “Cold Water Cowboys” series if he thought the fight...

Cheers and Jeers

Updated on September 02, 2014 - Cheers: to Outer Ring Road humour. How do you tell if it’s raining on the Outer Ring Road? Look for cars in the median. How do...

No laughing matter

Updated on September 02, 2014 - I really don’t know if I find this situation interesting, amusing or unsettling.

East Coast Trail attack misinformed

Updated on August 30, 2014 - The misinformed attack on the integrity of the esteemed registered charity, East Coast Trail Association, by a disgruntled...


Mudslides and Band-Aids

Updated on September 02, 2014 - In last weekend’s Telegram we were treated to an interview with Nalcor’s Gilbert Bennett on the subject of landslides at Muskrat...


Consider this

Updated on August 30, 2014 - Charlene Johnson has a veritable phone book of responsibilities in the current government: minister of finance; president of...


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