The waters of our lives

Updated at 03:32 - Interesting the number of things that flit into and out of our lives and then almost in a moment are gone.

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The two sides of Cyprus

Updated at 03:32 - It was not so much a straw in the wind as a cheese in the wind. It’s a chewy, salty cheese that is delicious grilled: halloumi, as...

Tracking trails of trash

Updated at 03:33 - I’ve invented a new, non-linear measurement for travel: it uses a calculation of time, speed and consumption instead of something...


Why ‘The Duff’ deserves sainthood

Updated at 03:33 - If my many friends in Vatican City were to ask me to suggest names of Canadians deserving of beatification — not that I’d have the...

The joys of stranded travel

Updated at 03:33 - On Friday, July 10, my wife and I boarded an Air Canada flight for a trip from Houston to St. John’s. It should have been a...


Many reasons not to stay

Updated at 03:33 - On July 25, Telegram writer Pam Frampton wrote an excellent article (“Live Here, Work Here, Leave Here”) on why Newfoundland and...


Garbage attitude

Updated at 03:33 - “With these garbage buckets, you’re not going to eliminate litter, we all know that.” With those words from the recent city council...


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