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  • McLovin
    January 16, 2012 - 13:17

    The teams obviously aren't making enough money from ticket sales in their own arenas to afford their expenses (see Red Wings, Deer Lake). They need the money from games in bigger venues to stay afloat. How are Grand Falls and the other teams doing financially? It's easy to say that the games should be played on the home rinks but when teams depend and rely on the extra revune from gates at Mile One just to stay afloat, what does that say about the league? What sense does it make to let GFW or any other teams have their own homes games if the league is just going fold (or lose teams) in three or four years? That's what happened in the 80's. Newfoundland Senior hockey is a business and sometimes the people in charge have to make tough economic decisions that not everyone agrees with. I think if the general public knew exactly what was going on behind the scenes with these teams and how much EVERYONE involved is getting paid, they'd be appaled. And then you have some councils who are giving TAXPAYER MONEY to these teams on top of it. I think the teams should be forced to open up their books but they never will. This league cant fold fast enough. What's taking so long?

  • Political watcher
    January 16, 2012 - 11:14

    A major decision made that will have the impact as this decision will and no one at the meeting saw it fit to take minutes? Sounds fishy to me. Keep the Herder in the home rinks of the teams involved; if a team should choose to play in a larger venue then it should be their choice. I bet that the ececutive of HNL will attend all games with free tickets, hotel expenses and per diems included. Very short-sighted decision andone that needs to be reversed. Besides, what happens if the Ice Caps make it to the post-season? Are the Herder teams expcted to wai until they are done? In closing, considering that the curent Chair of HNL also runs private hockey scools I would ask him to hold all his camps in St. John's and tell any interested people to make the drive to participate. Wonder how many he will get?

  • McLovin
    January 15, 2012 - 19:12

    People need to grow up. All other playoff series will be at the home rinks. I personally dont care where the games are because I wont go regardless of the location. I just have serious issues justifying paying inflated ticket prices so these teams can justify paying these hockey bums to play what's supposed to be Amateur Hockey but in reality has turned into Pro Hockey. THe fans care more for the teams than the players do, as most are not even from the towns the teams play in anyway. Before I go I want to leave you with one little tid bit. There's a sporting event coming up in a few weeks, it's called the Superbowl, you might have heard of it. 99.9% of the time the Superbowl is played at a neutral site, season ticket holders and fans of teams in the game dont get the luxury of watching their teams in their own stadiums and last I checked, both the Superbowl and NFL are doing pretty well. 6000 fans at Mile One versus 2000 in GFW? Its a no brainer, have it at Mile One.

    • David
      January 16, 2012 - 12:08

      This post is on topic...that's the good part. The content? 100% garbage. But I guess being so beyond help as to make Superbowl comparisoons is now part of life in outer space for the Avalon crowd. Surely St. John's will get on the list to host one of those soon, yeah?

  • BR
    January 15, 2012 - 10:02

    GFW and MP playing at M1 will not showcase the game any more than it is. The place is full for the Herder and I think it will even with the Icecaps here. Imagine the Icecaps playing the playoffs in Toronto because of a bigger rink. I don't think so, even if they got a big cut of the gate

  • David
    January 14, 2012 - 12:58

    Don't worry, Robin .....your beloved Ice Caps will provide you with the same story eventually, so don't enjoy the petty schadenfreude too much there, pal. The only difference between their plights is the frequency and the financial repurcussions..... less and more, respectively. Oh, plus of course that Newfoundland taxpayers will still be pouring money into that fabulous Mile One warehouse. Herder? Not much doubt you'd like to kill 'er.

    • Roger Pike
      January 14, 2012 - 15:55

      So I purchase a ticket to all regular season games, buy a holding seat for $75, buy the 50/50 tickets at each game, help the executive fundraise to put the Cataracts in the game, watch them lose for close to ten seasons and now that we have the talent to make it to the prize Bill Nosewothy tells me on CBC radio that I have to drive to St. John's to watch ALL Herder final games and that its not open for negotiation. Now thats a fine way to build senioer hockey in this province. The fans make the game and if the fans in Mt. Pearl /CBC can't support senior hockey both on or off the ice why should the fams in Grand Falls be punished.Sounds to me like someone just wants to have an east coast league with no travel and the big bucks from mile one. The town of GFW just completed a million plus makeover of the Joe Byrne stadium to help create entertainment here on a Saturday night. Now HNL wants to fill Mile One with our half of the show. How would Buchans, Gander or even Badger have ever competed if this was the game plan in the past. If Mt. Pearl wants to play at Mile One thein fill your booths. I've paid enough to have the right to support my team in my own back yard. Kraft Hockeyville was designed to promote hockey in small town Newfoundland. The powers to be need to refocus. My going to the Herder will take three weekends in St. John's, hotels, means and gas. You do the math Robin. I agree its all about money.

    • skipper
      January 15, 2012 - 12:37

      kill the senior league if it dont help st.johns it is not going to happen in nfld.wake up people and fight for something out of st.johns area.all your are like puppets and only care about one area like there leader ms.blunderdale.