Russell Wangersky: the nature of policy

Russell Wangersky: the nature of policy

Sometimes there's more to news than what catches the eye. Russell Wangersky, the Opinions Editor of The Telegram , reports on the seen and unseen each Tuesday and Saturday in his column. You can reach Russell at rwanger@thetelegram.com.

The road to ruin

Updated on May 12, 2014 - It has only been his brushes with controversy that have landed premier-to-be Frank Coleman media hits in recent weeks.

Cart art

Cart art

Updated on September 13, 2014 - Linda Goodyear stokes a very large fire. She must — few people have as many irons in as she does. A dentist who also trained as a mechanic at one point — “Still...

Darbies: spooks, spectres or mummers?

Updated at 03:02 - A word you will not hear very often anymore in Newfoundland is “darby,” meaning a type of potentially supernatural figure.

The head and the heart

Updated at 06:17 - One sympathizes with the decision Scotland grappled with last Thursday.Scots were a nation disillusioned by the politics of their...

Patrick Butler

Running in neutral

Updated on September 20, 2014 - The night is still and hanging-moist. A bathroom light comes on, goes off again in the the house opposite. There are no cars until...

Russell Wangersky

Looney Toons time

Updated on September 20, 2014 - While watching (masochistically) bits and pieces of last Saturday’s weird but somehow fitting culmination to a months-long farce...


Bob Wakeham

RIP delegated conventions

Updated on September 20, 2014 - I have long extolled the value of delegated leadership conventions for their drama and excitement. Evidence of the truth in this...


Randy Simms

Scotland stays

Updated on September 20, 2014 - A week ago, the Kurdistan Times warned that “the British are exercising the old colonialist tongue to control the minds and dampen...

Gwynne Dyer

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