Pam Frampton: Social media and self-image — part 2 of 2

Pam Frampton: Social media and self-image — part 2 of 2

Updated at 05:02 - “I never post the first selfie I take. Sometimes it takes like 70 tries.” —  Sophia, 13, in Nancy Jo Sales’ “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers”   For some teenagers, so much of their...

Breathless and breathing

Updated at 04:03 - I can recommend it. At least, I can recommend the experience.

Russell Wangersky

Police contempt for public must be arrested

Updated on September 22, 2016 - It’s impossible to know whether the RCMP and RNC’s obvious contempt for the public is a feeling returned in kind, but the actions...


Brian Jones

Who would ISIS vote for?

Updated at 04:02 - “Hillary Clinton’s weakness while she was Secretary of State has emboldened terrorists all over the world to attack the U.S., even...

Gwynne Dyer

‘In small places, close to home’

Updated on September 23, 2016 - Be thoughtful. That’s Carey Majid’s suggestion on a simple and free change people can adopt to make a difference.


Steve Bartlett

Uncommon courtesy

Updated on September 22, 2016 - A soliloquy for 10A and 10B, on the occasion of the 3 1/2 hours we spent confined together in the early hours of a morning flight...


Russell Wangersky

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