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John Gushue
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I’ve been a bit restless lately. Maybe it’s a late August kind of thing — knowing that September, and the serious season, is right around the corner, and knowing too that the luscious bits of summer, such as we know it, are coming to an end.

In any event, it takes a bit more effort at this time of year to concentrate on anything. So, one way of dealing with that feeling is to just give in … and enjoy flitting around here and there, and embracing a short attention span. To that end, a lot of things to see online, in not a lot of time.


Bookshelf Porn


Yes, you’re reading that title correctly … and don’t worry, you won’t be seeing anything you wouldn’t be worried about with a kid, boss or grandmother hanging about. If ways of storing, shelving and displaying books fascinate you, you’ll want to turn off your phone and just stare.


The Web is Dead


That’s half the title of a new article from Wired magazine that’s generated a lot of attention over the last week or so; the other half of the title is “Long live the Internet.” The point? Websites command less and less online traffic (unless you count the burgeoning figures in online video watching).

Another point? Demand for apps is surging, practically eclipsing the web as we’ve known it. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s a great read.




On Twitter? Looking for other people from Newfoundland and Labrador? One of the key people to follow is Jason Janes, who has collected a veritable clearinghouse of the local social media network. Dive in.


50 Things to Improve the Way You Live


From Monocle magazine, a snazzy, stylish list of things that make life better, like cool stuff to put around the house, nice things to ingest, and better ways to shop. The series is being rolled out gradually and will be complete in days.


From Newfoundland to D.C.


From expatriate Kevin McCann, who’s making a career in Washington, a lovely bit of writing about raising kids far from “home.”

My Modern Metropolis


This site is a bit of a salad — a few clumps of urban design, a little architecture, some cool gizmos and gadgets, funny things that you might like to put around the house, and a few videos and pictures to make you laugh. It’s definitely worth working into your browsing routine.


10 things about Harry Potter


J.K. Rowling chose King’s Cross station as the terminus of the Hogwarts Express for a personal reason. You’ll find the answer, plus bits about Hermione, various Weasleys and Professor Snape in this engaging list of arcane Harry Potter trivia.


Your Morals


How ethical are you? What do the choices you make at work and at home say about you? The scholars behind Your Morals collect data from volunteer participants, as an ongoing research project into ethics and values.

Whether or not you choose to participate (the research team, in the interests of transparency, are all identified), there’s plenty of things to read.




Ever read about folks who dress up in huge, childlike costumes and hang out together at conventions? This is a site catering to that particular and unusual social set.


Perpetual Kid


This site is aimed at adults who are young enough at heart to snicker at such novelty items as a bathmat with a chalk outline of a body (very CSI), bandages in the shape of bacon or a spatula in the shape of a finger. That’s just the start, and yes, you can buy everything here.


John Gushue is an online editor with CBC News in St. John’s. Twitter: @johngushue. Blog: johngushue.typepad.com.

Organizations: Wired magazine, Monocle magazine, Hogwarts Express CBC News

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Washington

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