Lest we forget

Bob Wakeham
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Just to ensure we’re clear on the message of that graceless Christmas card sent to homes throughout the province: Danny Williams’ political accomplishments are equal in importance and significance with what has come to be called the “ultimate sacrifice” paid by soldiers from the country of Newfoundland in the two World Wars, including the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. 


Lest we forget

Danny Williams, politician


George Abbott, Stanley Abbott, Walter Ernest Alexander, Israel Anderson, Joseph Andrews, Gilbert Antle, James Atwill, Edward Alphonsus Ayre, Eric S. Ayre, Gerald W. Ayre,  Wilfred D. Ayre, Horatio Barbour, Maxwell Barnes, Leonard Josiah Barrett, Joseph Patrick Bartlett, John Barton, Frederick Donald Bastow, William Bennett, William Bishop, Stewart Malcolm Boone, Charles Bowman, John Breen, David Brent, Michael Broderick, Bertram Brown, Edward John Brown, Allen Burge, Garrett Burke, Leo Michael Burke, Sydney George Burry, Edward William Butler, Harry Butler, Ignatius Joseph Butler, John Joseph Cahill, Martin Joseph Cahill, Rodger Callahan, John Joseph Carew, Edward Carrigan, Thomas Carroll, John Carsons, Llewelyn James Carter, Ernest Leslie Chafe, Bernard Cleary, Charles Allen Cleary, John Cleary, Harold Gordon Coish, Edward Lewis Cole, James Patrick Connors, Harry Coombs, Lawrence Joseph Corcoran, William Patrick Costello, Norman Coultas, Harrison Courage, Henry Charles Crane, Llewelyn Cranford, Kenneth Critch, Harrison Crocker, George Graham Crosbie, Nathaniel Croucher, John Thomas Curley,


Danny Williams, politician


Henry Charles Dawe, George Dick, William Patrick Dohaney, John Thomas Doyle, Arthur Driscoll, John Duke, John Joseph Dunphy, William Dunphy, Patrick Eagan, Edwin Edgar, Silas Edgecombe, John Charles Edwards, John Elliott, William Elliott, John Joseph Ellis, Gordon Etheridge, Henry Evans, Joseph Wellington Evans, Nicholas Evans, Stephen Fallon, Martin Patrick Farrell, Stewart Small Ferguson, J. Roy Ferguson, Lawrence Joseph Fewer, Frank Fillier, Gerald Ford, William Fowler, John Frampton, James Freake, John Joseph French, William Fry, Francis Joseph Galgay, Edward James Gardner, Theophilus Gardner, Fred Garf, Arthur Wilfred Gillam, Edward Francis Gladney, Matthew Greeley, William Hayes Grant, Chester Guy, Albert Haines, John Hancock, Wilfred Harbin, Frank Harnett, George William Harris, Harvey Newman Harris, George Bernard Hatfield, George Hawkins, Patrick Joseph Hayes, Arthur S. Hayward, Robert William Heale, James Patrick Heaney, Thomas Hefford, Edmond James Higgins, Hubert C. Herder, John Herbert Hockley, Luke Holden, Joseph Hollahan,


Danny Williams, politician


Michael John Holland, James John Howard, Peter Hudson, Francis Joseph Hussey, Harold Hutchins, Harry Hynes, Richard Edward Hynes, William Garland Ivany, Bert Jackman, Michael Joseph Jackman, Frederick Janes, George Robert Janes, Maxwell Janes, John Allan Jeans, Silas Jeffers, Alfred Johnson, John Joseph Johnson, Arthur Jones, Clifford Jupp, Ebert Kearley, Michael Francis Kelly, Thomas Joseph Kelly, Michael Francis Kennedy, Alexander King, Joseph Andrew King, William Knight, William Blackler Knight, Robert Joseph Lahey, James Joseph Lannigan, Michael Francis Lannon,  William Joseph Lannon, Samuel John Learning, Robert Lebuff, William Edward Leshana, Augustus Lilly, Francis Thomas Lind, David Linehan, Samuel Luff, George Lukins, John Lukins, Allan Lyons, Alexander McDougall, Andrew Joseph McKay, Richard Joseph Maddigan, James J. Maher, Malcolm Cyril Mahoney, Augustus J. Manning, Eric Shannon Martin, Joseph Martret, William Masters, Donald Fraser MacNeil, William Robert McNiven, Robert Meadus, Thomas Melee, Fred C. Mellor, Maxwell James Mercer, Robert Mercer, Victor Miles, George Miller,


Danny Williams, politician


James Raymond Mooney, Eric Moore, William Morgan, James Morris, Kenneth Morris, John Thomas Morrissey, Joseph Morton, Allan Moyes, Edward Joseph

Murphy, Lawrence Murphy, Charles Nelson, George Fred Newhook, Archibald Newman, Campbell Nichols, Herman Noseworthy, William O’Brien, Albert O’Driscoll, Michael Joseph O’Flynn, William O’Keefe, James O’Leary, William Ollerhead, Michael Joseph O’Neill, Douglas Osmond, Cecil Parmiter, Aubrey Parsons, Charles Albert Parsons, Reginald Paul, Edward Peckford, William Pennell, Augustus Penney, Josiah Penney, William Perran, John Charles Piercey, George Edward Pike, James Joseph Pike, Stanley Gordon Pike, Stanley Pinsent, Stewart Pinsent, Richard Pittman, Archibald Porter, Robert Porter, James Matthew Power, William Patrick Prowse,


Danny Williams, politician


 Michael Quigley, Robert Bruce Reid, Charles Reid, William Joseph Reid, Arthur James Rendell, Clifford Rendell, John Joseph Rice, Patrick Richardson, Sidney Rideout, Edward Rogers, Michael Ross, R. Wallace Ross, Matthew Rossiter, Edward Clayton Rowsell, H. J. R. Rowsell, William Russell, William Ryall, William Ryan, Thomas Seymour, Edwin Shave, Richard Short, Richard Shortall, George Percival Simms, Robert Ronald Simms, George Small, Josiah Smith, Zachariah Smith, John Charles Snelgrove, Douglas Snow, Frederick Snow, John Snow, George Sparkes, Frank Spurrell, Owen Steele, Harry Groves Strathie, Ambrose Stride, Norman Strong, Silas Stuckless, Michael Summers, Alfred Taylor, Charles F. Taylor, Herbert Taylor, George Hayward Taylor, Donald Templeman, Walter Thomas, Michael Walsh, Garland Warford, Robert James Watkins, Edward West, Stanley West, Harry Wescott, Augustin Whalen, Frederick Wheeler, Frederick White, William White, William Arthur White, Willis White, Edgar Whitten, Arthur Wight, Frederick Wilcox, Robert Williams, George Winsor. Edward Winter, Randolph Winter, Frank Woodford, Kenneth Woodman, Arthur Harold Young.


Danny Williams, politician.


All the above names, with one notable exception, are members of the Newfoundland Regiment killed in the days leading up to the carnage at Beaumont Hamel, during the 30 minute battle itself on July 1, 1916, and in the days following.


Lest we forget

Bob Wakeham has spent more than 30 years as a journalist in Newfoundland and Labrador. He can be reached by email at bwakeham@nl.rogers.com.

Organizations: Battle of Beaumont Hamel, Peter Hudson

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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Recent comments

  • fallen hero
    November 08, 2011 - 16:50

    i agree with ya sonya.

  • ...and speaking of protocol
    December 11, 2010 - 16:20

    Oh - and has anyone noticed our National War memorial lately? All of the previous plaques were laid on behalf of ''the People of Newfoundland'' by members of the Royal Family, military dignitaries or our Lt. Governor. Not anymore. The latest one is laid on behalf of ''the Government of Newfoundland'' by guess who - Danny Williams. Walk by and take a look for yourself. Danny Williams is the only Premier in this country with enough gall to have his own name carved on a brass plaque at a war monument. But hey - he's at 92% in the polls so it must be the right thing to do.

  • Sid
    December 11, 2010 - 13:04

    Good job Mr Wakeham for putting this in prespective.

  • Sonya
    December 11, 2010 - 08:10

    Good job, Mr. Wakeham. Simple. Elegant. True. Mr. Williams disgusting behaviour is personified by this deplorable printed middle finger to the collective people of this province. Thank you Mr. Wakeham for putting this in exactly the right context. Mr. Williams should be ashamed of himself and, if he was half the man he thinks he is, his letter of apology to the people of this province should have appeared right next to your column. But, I'm not waiting for the cows to come home on this one. Just like dealing with the health care crisis, Williams is a coward. Like most bullies, as soon as you push back the bully/coward runs away. Again, good job Mr. Wakeham, and shame on you Mr. Williams, shame.