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  • Jaan Sass
    April 14, 2012 - 23:37

    I am a convert to the Roman Catholic Church it is funny how many of these so called theologians have actually never read all of vatican 2 but instead wish to make a the church into a liberal mainline protestant church with little believes or challenges and with alot of political correctness and psycho babble. I wonder if they examined those denominations they wish to emulate and see that many of them have lost half of thier members in the last 20year. Yes there are scandals but either the Church of Christ preaches all of the councils, dogmas, spiritual wisdom, sacraments in all thier meaning and defends marriage and life or it is close to the end. God will defend truth which are listed in the creeds, chatechisms of trent and vatican 2. If one looks at with an open heart I beleive they will find a consistency of teaching from the earliest times of the apostles and church fathers to the latest teachings of Pope Benedict on Jesus. People fail happens among athiests, catholics, hindus, what matters is not the individual priest or not apoint made in the third century what matters is the sacrament itself God will sort the rest out. By the way I some same sexual abuse in Baptist circles done by married clergy and female clergy interesting.

  • X. Roman
    March 26, 2011 - 14:39

    Excellent article. If the Vatican would only read this maybe they could learn something. The bishops of the USA are certainly not on this line of thought. They still believe in the feudal system that has led the RCC into its present mess. A former catholic