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  • Herb Morrison
    January 12, 2012 - 08:58

    Well said Ms. Smith. When the French and English came to the New World, they dealt with the people they found here in the same way they would deal with another Country such as Spain ior france. That's where the term First Nations originated. France and England made treaties with the First Nations people in the same manner in which they made treaties with other Nations. Unfortunatly succeeding Canadian Giovernments have chosen not to honor the treaties made years ago. Hence we hacve the land claims disputes today which exist between the Federal Government and the First Nations. I remember sitting in a Political Science class listenion to a Professor outline the history of the land claims dispute between the First Nations and the federal Government. Ms. Smith, your people were here first, the treaties should be honoured. Both the land claims dispute, and the sordid saga of the residential Schools should not have happened and should not be happening.

  • Annie Smith St-Georges Algonquin Elder
    January 11, 2012 - 17:16

    WE know what has happened, and WE know what has to be done. What We also know is that the proper measures will not be taken by the responsible people. But by US without interferences, by OURSELVES, and nobody else. WE are the sole owner of this land called Canada and We know, deep in our soul that it only belongs to US. WE have accepted to welcome everyone living now as canadians, We expect recognition for it. For GOD (Kijé Manito's) sakes, WE are not immigrants in our own country. Think about that for a minute or two or three and reflect on your ancestors and their decisions,,,

  • Herb Morrison
    January 11, 2012 - 09:15

    I would suggest that perhaps the reason it takes institutions such as Churches so long to right the wrongs is the fact that they have to be faced woth indisputable eviidence of wrondoing before they will even acknowlege that wrongs were committed. Then the Churches involved need to figure out a way to both apologize for the wrongs committed, while at the same time saving face. I studied the history of what iooccurred in the Residential Schools while in Seminary. One of the reasons that motived the Churches involved in the Residential School to both acknowlege that wrongs had occurred and to apologize, thereby facilitating reconciliation was the fact that a high profile member of the First Nations, namely former Chief Phil Fontaine, revealed that he had been a victim of abuse in a Residential School. It took time for the Churches involved to figure out a way they could apologize while at the same time saving face.