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Recent comments

  • Shane Walters
    October 24, 2012 - 12:48

    Bob, your article brings back some vivid memories for me, too. My father, Ed Walters, was a rookie reporter with the Telegram starting, I believe, in 1961. He worked with Cal Holloway, who was his best friend and who later went on to be the editor of the Western Star. Later Dad would work with CP and rent an office at the Telegram building and because he usually worked evenings, he would often take me to the Telegram news room during the '70s which was exactly as you described it. I used to wander between the grimy pounding machines, and go down the stairs to fetch Coke for Dad who pounded copy and had reams of yellow teletype tape around his neck. Our cousin, Walter Churchill, used to be a printer downstairs. Very vivid memories. Very precious. Dad died in '94.

  • Colin Burke
    September 08, 2012 - 07:38

    Thanks, Bob. Brings back memories of the beginning of my career in September of 1966 at The Western Star from which I too retired early for reasons of health. I was far greener, not having studied journalism but philosophy, than you were: on my second assignment unaccompanied -- the first had prompted the editor to remark that maybe we needn't worry too much about the three months' probation -- I wrote three and a half pages about a Lions Club meeting, starting with who said grace for the meal. Cal Holloway cut it back to a page and a half or maybe less, showing me the real story was the guts of the speech by a deputy minister of welfare, and rarely after that did my copy need changing or at least any radical changing. Thanks again.