Six poems for a toonie and a quarter

Peter Jackson
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So, it turns out this Metroverse project is about posting existing poetry on buses, not composing poetry about buses. As a regular Metrobus client, I have to say I am sorely disappointed.

Anyway, it seems a shame to see these go to waste.

First, a tribute to a much-too-long poem by T.S. Eliot with a much-too-long title.

Here, I skip all the purply prose and get straight to the point:


I wait, I wait, blue lips tinged in Colgate

My carriage will not come; this is my fate

for tarrying too long in bathroom


for lingering o’er hot coffee and daydreaming


I grow cold, I grow cold, inside mittens

fingers fold

Through crystal lashes, eyes behold

a sight to stir me from my slumber

Sweet chariot? Alas, wrong number


Free verse is all the rage, of course. It’s easy; no need for rhyme schemes. The only challenge is where to hit the carriage return:


A woman trips; face fills with horror

As Twinkie and chocolate milk

Topple to the floor

Under a seat

The student with the beard and red socks

Adjusts his knapsack, looks away

No Samaritan he

I reach down, grab the treat

Now stained with germs

From a million shoes

She looks at me

And snatches it



Here’s one about a bane of bus passengers everywhere:


Coke can dances

rudely tosses

from foot to pole

stops when the bus stops

driver doesn’t know

no one cares

it boarded

without paying


Next, no poetry collection would be complete without a tip of the hat to Ogden Nash:


I think that I shall never see

A bus that goes from A to B

Instead I have to tour the ’burb

Before my foot e’er meets the curb


And finally, two haikus. A very subtle and complex form … nah! Just kidding. Just count up the syllables, and make sure you mention something seasonal:



    Another bus comes

In only fifteen minutes

Fall schedule is back



Engines roar like blasts

of September hurricanes;

the sleeping teen stirs



Peter Jackson is The Telegram’s commentary editor. Please send your bus poetry to Twitter: pjackson_NL

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