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  • Winston Adams
    October 27, 2012 - 10:41

    I have little interest in guns. I once shot a seal, and a few birds. Cleaning the seal was no fun. I tried it for sport, as my buddies in the 70s were into this. I never had the heart for it. Too one sided. I was a good shot, having once practised with a pistol while training as a officer in the military, in my university days. They gave no instruction on shooting birds. I gave up the idea of a militiay career, least I might have have to give orders to others to shoot more than birds. I had heard too many stories and knew a few who experienced war. My buddies would go to Hr Grace Island before daylight for a chance shot at a duck. Back in the 50s , anything with wings got shot at. A gull kept it's distance, and would seldom fly so close to take the codliver thrown out to attract them. Now gulls, ducks and other birds are common and much less in fear. When shooting , I perfer the camera. I once fired a 22 at a headstone from my backdoor in Bishop's Cove I got a fright . Being about 400 feet away I could see a big spot on the white marbe stone. Figured I was in trouble. Wasn't a good thing to do. I later went to look. The lead had spattered on impact. Not a dent on the stone. Now my interest in guns perked up again this summer. I visited the Twillingate Museum. They have a lot of artifacs. Upstairs in a back room in a corner there are several old guns some donated or on loan by a Peyton descentent. And there are old snowshoes. I was very much reminded of the details of the expedition when Mary March was captured and her husband was shot and killed. That was in the latter 1700s, and the guns are probably not that old. having no expertise on guns. That museum needs more heat and humidity control to protect it's large quantity of stuff of all sorts. Outport rural nfld needs this to attract tourists and preserve their heritage and history. They have a treasure of stuff. It needs to be preserved.