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  • a business man
    October 27, 2012 - 09:20

    While I feel for those negatively impacted by the NHL lockout, I honestly am happy that there is a lockout. Reason number 1 is I am hoping that some of the NHL franchises in the USA lose money and lose fans and decide to move, hopefully to Canada. The league is not adding more teams, so Canada's next team or next few teams will likely result from a franchise relocating from the USA. So therefore, I hope the strike causes some american NHL teams to suffer and fail, which I then hope will lead to a relocation to Canada. Reason number to is me: I own a bar/restaurant that is near a successful NHL franchise in the USA. I have competition right next door, and I know that the couple who owns the restaurant just divorced and are having issue dividing the money. I hope that this lockout hurts their finances and forces them out of the business. Then I will not only gain market share, but I will also buy their bar and open a second bar. In short, some will lose with the lockout, and some will gain.