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  • Winston Adams
    November 16, 2012 - 07:27

    Pam, I find that i am not being shot down, my questions are just being ignored.I have been since feb addressing the issue of efficiency as an alternative to MF. That about one third of our energy produced is wasted due to inefficient heating for our home. That efficient heating is less than 1/4 the cost of MF. Not only can i not get answers, some of my questions don't even get posted on Ed martins site. The new Turn Back the Tide site promised answers in 48 hours. I.m still waiting after 2 weeks. And no jouralist up to now will take up the issue of efficiency. One question is this: I calculate that effficient heating and hot water has the potential to offset 600MW of demand on our system, is Nalcor's estimate much different from that? One would think that this could be answered quickly. But keep in mind that the MHI report stated that we were approaching saturation in efficiency. If that is true, than i am wrong, and you would think they would be quick to shoot down my calculation--- unless their assertion we are approaching saturation is wrong. Which is it? Can you or someone at the telegram get that answered?

  • NLcitizen
    November 14, 2012 - 03:33

    Another guy out to make money? In the Investment field? Hand in everything? Telegram needs to print their occupations and business interests so we can get both sides. These aren't ordinary citizens. They're in it to make money. I personally think we should remember these Muskrat rich business people and corporations, and make sure we don't do business with them. If Muskrat passes. Every NL citizen should have the full list. Use it for the next 57 years as our NL bible.

  • Cyril Rogers
    November 11, 2012 - 23:38

    Ms Frampton, nobody wants to be considered a conspiracy theorist or a "naysayer", as both species are considered to be somewhat odd in this province, especially by the government and its proponents. I guess that makes me an oddity, as I do feel there is very strong pressure on the government to surge ahead with this project and many proponents will stand to gain materially. Just look at all of the businesses that support it and will benefit from the construction phase! Now, don't misunderstand me. I don't blame them for being selfish and greedy, as all of us can be accused of such vices at times in our lives. However, the reality is that nearly every proponent will gain in some way. Are they thinking in terms of fleecing ordinary ratepayers? Mostly likely they are not........ but self interest trumps virtue, in many instances. What it does mean though is that they really don't care to reflect on the impact of this decision on you and me....the ordinary ratepayer. Now, ask yourself why so many other prominent people have decided to become "naysayers" and risk the ire and ridicule of the government and others. What do they have to gain? These are highly intelligent people who also want what is best for the province and they do see the major flaws in this project. Only an idiot would accuse most of them of being biased partisans, as many are former prominent PC's. Of course, the last refuge of the scoundrel is attacking a person's character, so the fact that they can only hurl insults lends more credibility to the arguments of those who are opposed to the project..