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Recent comments

  • John
    November 21, 2012 - 10:54

    Abbotsford had a sellout crowd against OKC solely because EDM fans came out in droves. There is a reason OKC has finished ahead of Abbotsford in attendance every season they've been in the league, as Abbotsford is just as disappointing market as OKC. Except the fact that OKC has more competition with two top NCAA football programs, NBA championship contender across the street, and the fact that it is in south central USA, which isn't a hockey hotbed unlike B.C.

  • michael mulesky
    November 20, 2012 - 14:28

    The AHL is not a joke.Players are hungry to get to the NHL.Therefore the players usually give 110% every game and will do whatever they can to make an impression...rough play,lotsof checking and fighting.There are no million dollar contracts and games to take it easy.Does'nt suprise me that NHL players are having a rough time of it.The speed and offensive skills may not be where the NHL is,but the AHL is just as..if not more physical.great yaer for AHL recognition...88% percent of NHL players are from the AHL

    November 19, 2012 - 23:14

    Aaron, Are you OKC local? You seem to be keeping up with attendance stats, but are you there. The 18,000 strong at the NBA Thunder across the street unfortunately plays a huge role in OKC sports attendance. My wife and I are Barons Season Seat holders for three years in a row and will always be. I have been to one NBA game and it will be my last.

  • Aaron
    November 19, 2012 - 11:17

    OKC hottest draw??? They are second from the bottom in average league attendance. The players might be having a great season but they are not helping at the gates.

    • DartLady
      November 19, 2012 - 14:01

      But every team they play against lately (Abbotsford in particular) is having sell out crowds - not to mention people FLYING IN from Edmonton to watch them!

    • DartLady
      November 19, 2012 - 14:04

      And don't forget to take into account how many HOME games they have had - that's the only ones that go on the attendance stat sheet.