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Recent comments

  • david
    December 14, 2012 - 22:38

    Newfoundlanders wanted a fence to protect them from the stupid moose...so what's so surprising about the oil companies wanting a fence to help protect them from stupid Newfoundlanders?

  • Maurice E. Adams
    December 14, 2012 - 11:07

    Perhaps The Telegram should also look into the federal government's planned closure of Coast Guard's St. John's Marine Traffic Control Centre (St. Johns' Traffic). That centre is equivalent to the closure of the airport control tower at the airport (and I do know something about that as I have previously worked as an air traffic controller at the the St. John's International Airport and as a marine traffic controller (and supervisor) at the the St. John's Marine Traffic Control Centre, as well as the Placentia Bay tanker traffic centre). Is the Marine Traffic Control Centre at Halifax closing? Make no mistake, as well as safety and security, this centre plays a major role in the "efficient" (and therefore cost-effective) movement of traffic in and out of the port of St. John's, and its closure will not enhance its competitiveness and attractiveness visa vi Halifax. Such marine traffic control is seen by the international maritime community as a measure of a port's status and well as its international ranking in other respects. I think that the provincial government, the mayor and the business community would speak up if the control tower at the airport was about to shut down. But I guess it does not, at all, compare to a fence.

  • Virginia Waters
    December 14, 2012 - 09:14

    Clearly BJ wrote this column prior to yesterday's statement from the federal ministry of transport disavowing any knowledge or responsibility with regard to the great fence fiasco. Tenders are being called today for commercial pressure washing companies to help wipe the egg off Hanrahan's face. Asked whether the contract would include the egg on O'Keefe's face, the Port Authority said no - they understood City Council was bringing in specialized equipment from the mainland for that purpose.