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  • Paul Smith
    January 20, 2013 - 16:05

    Winston, right I didn't wear the hiking gear out plowing snow. I could have wore any kind of rain gear and stayed dry. I didn't think I'd be out there as long as I was and just went for it with a fleece jacket on. Boys wil be boys, as you said. If ATV's are toys then I'm a boy I guess. But there's the whole issue of self reliance to consider. I like to fix my own plumbing, paint my kitchen, and clear my own snow, even if it does take a bit longer. Back to getting wet. i really dont care about getting wet when I'm coming right back into a warm cozy house. Hiking 2 miles in the woods in winter is altogether another quintal of fish. You can go hypothermic pretty quick if you are wet in the woods. It is a serious matter. People have died If we were all in pursuit of pure green w'ed be out shovelling our drivways by hand. I have no idea if my ATV is more or less green than a loader driving all over the place clearing driveways. ATV engines are 4-stroke and for the most part fuel injected these days. They are similar to cars in emmission standards. Compare that to diesel backhoes and loaders, I have no idea which is more green but I suspect a very insignificant difference in carbon footprint. Anyway, if we all hired loaders, you'd have to wait a long while to get the car out of the driveway.

  • Winston Adams
    January 20, 2013 - 12:18

    Paul, how come you got soaking wet after 2 hrs on the ATV plowing snow,while raining, but could hike 2 miles innthe rain and got only damp? Should have had your hiking gear on while plowing? And you spent 3 hrs then another 2 plowing your own snow, with toys poorly suited to handle heavy wet snow. i used my old 1978 Chev 4 wheel drive for years, and it could take an hour with that when the snow was deep and wet. I now engage a guy with a big machine and a scoop bucket on the front, 15 minutes and 30.00. An average year 350.00. And I stay dry. Toys work half the time, but boys will be boys. The large machines are likely more environmently friendly, being more efficient. But can't knock your enthusiasm to stay fit.