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  • Cyril Rogers
    February 02, 2013 - 10:40

    One has only to reflect on the lack of real information surrounding the Muskrat Falls fiasco to realize how dangerous is this "game" our governments are playing. We are going to be saddled with a massive debt for the benefit of the few and it is being touted by government as a"great" project. For whom? How has the media fared on that one? Not well, in my opinion. I have voiced my concerns to you, Ms Frampton, and to other media but we seem to be stuck with the same stale and trite gibberish that governments have increasingly become good at. They know how to cover up but don't know or don't care about how their decisions impact on the masses. We are the proverbial peasants and they want us to be satisfied to "eat cake" while they grow fat and corrupt on the riches of our land. I applaud you for keeping this discussion in the forefront and encourage you to continue being diligent in ferreting out the truth, as hard as that may be.