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Recent comments

  • anne
    February 28, 2013 - 13:28

    As long as voters remember all of the discusting stuff this group has done since they have been elected. I hope someone is keeping a list.

  • Wondering
    February 25, 2013 - 18:41

    And you wonder politicans have a bad name. But of course so do journalists. A statesman is a politican who can lie with ease. It is the journalists job to make public the skullduggery of politicans. Keep it up Pam.

    • Mr.U
      February 26, 2013 - 00:48

      Haters as they say will always hate.Conplainers the same.Chin up Paul,some so called legit journalism may happen yet ...naw ;)

  • Beth
    February 25, 2013 - 10:20

    Well-said, Pam! You're absolutely right that the politicians have discredited the very polls they seek to manipulate. From now on, any thinking person will view these polls with more than the usual degree of skepticism. So really, why bother having them at all? If we feel strongly about an issue, we should write our political representatives directly.

  • hua mulan
    February 23, 2013 - 19:28

    excellent article Pam... isn't it a sad polity when the only voice the commoner in the greatest degree of certainty doesnt have is the elected politician who is supposed to be representing us ?

  • Corporate Psycho
    February 23, 2013 - 09:29

    Funny thing is, the only people they fooled was themselves. I can't believe Paul Lane tanked his career over something so stupid.

  • Grow up
    February 23, 2013 - 09:06

    I fully agree and we should expect better from our polticians. Polls should be one way that the public provides input into government policies and actions. And real polls can do that. Instead we get politicians using these media polls to put words in our mouth. Another problem with these media polls is that they are not real polls and never have been. The Telegram admits that their polls are not based on science. At best these polls are limited to only reflecting the opinions of online readers of the Telegram and not the public. And, thanks to the deceitful behaviour of our government, it has been made clear that these polls are a source of misinformation.

  • guess paul
    February 23, 2013 - 08:58

    I'll give paul lane, steve kent and THEIR government one thing. They're Unaccountable to the bitter end.

    • Kev
      February 23, 2013 - 10:22

      And they will be bitter, in the end. Come on, 2015!!!

  • W Bagg
    February 23, 2013 - 08:26

    As Pam wrote: We are falling way behind on the CBC question," Mount Pearl South Tory MHA Paul Lane writes in one BlackBerry message sent to a raft of Tory foot soldiers. "The computer is only allowing us to vote once. Obviously the opposition has found a way around this and we are also working on this. did it ever occur to Paul Lame that maybe teh voters have a different opinion than the govt.