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  • Left of center
    April 15, 2013 - 15:02

    Good aritcle Mike and good questions. Up here, we remember a small boy walking and walking...and getting colder and colder...and the Labrador Sea and sky, oh so silent. No sound of a chopper... Then we think of the tory deputydawg... calling a chopper from a fish camp... and we get sick all over again. Will we remember Burton? We have NEVER forgotten! and we will remember in this election too.

  • Cyril Rogers
    April 13, 2013 - 10:35

    The issue of home rule, or a direct relationship with Ottawa, is one that cannot be sanctioned by any political party, Michael, and you know that. Now, the NDP, in pandering to Quebec, have, I believe, adopted a 50% plus one concept but would they dare do the same for Labrado?. Personally, I think that kind of arbitrary number is way too low but I do know something about the frustration of Labradorians. Indeed, any island Newfoundlander has merely to look at the benign neglect shown to us , as a province, to get some sense of the frustrations that Labradorians have. However, none of that is the answer to long standing grievances, simply because of the realities of political pork-barrel practices. For all of us, these issues are a real concern and, without political reform and laws enforcing the necessity a "fair" distribution of public monies. That is a daunting task but...as currently practiced, it is one of many reforms that are badly needed. As for Muskrat Falls, all three parties are guilty of prostituting themselves without ever realizing what kind of devil they are crawling into bed with. Peter P. has been a disaster and too cozy with the developers; Harry B. is a neophyte whose party waffles on the subject but generally supports it. Yvonne has been nothing but inconsistent, and has recently sold her soul for benefits. Not much of a real choice at all, in my opinion.