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  • crista
    April 21, 2013 - 11:01

    interesting article and the way you have to be told in a article surely it tells you some thing, and we noticed you did not mention if you use a personal cheques you have to pay $2.00 per???? not to mention your interest rate???? in your account(s) your return you get and like you said your money is working for some one else???? while they are trying to pay it back???? so what are your options???? and they inform you when you go to the bank what has changed???? it could be on your statement or go through your statements and find out what has changed and what has not????yes, it is your own personal bussiness, if some thing is not right and you do not notice it???? we are talking about one bank here now. and they say things are looking go???? and they talk like it is simple and easy! for every one living in our today's world????