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Recent comments

  • doug
    May 01, 2013 - 14:06

    The government could have 500,000 wildlife officers and poaching would still be a problem here(central), it seems to me there is a perception that if no one is around to see it then it didn't happen. EDUCATION is the key here, the reason I do not poach has nothing to do with it being illegal, it has to do with morals and sustainability.

  • O McMahon
    April 27, 2013 - 21:26

    I've spent the last number of years witnessing the changes that Inland has made with regards to poaching here in NL. These officers were some real no nonsense fellows who pretty much had curbed poaching by laying down some nasty fines. What they needed to be commended for was patrolling coastal waters and curbing poaching here. The results of all of this has been increased returns to rivers. Poaching has been down in NL. The new salmon tags coupled with enforcement made NL rivers pretty much fun places to fish. Anglers have smartened up and become well behaved all because of the efforts Inland and yet the provincial govt here doesn't seem to understand the unpredictable consequences of removing enforcement off the rivers here. One can't be sure of what will happen but it seems a safe bet that poaching will surely be on the upswing here in all forms. It's back to untagged fish, passing the rod, excessive catch and release and everything else that made angling unpleasant on some rivers. Thet'll be nets in coastal waters and fish for sale. There'll be no enforcement and diminshed returns for years to come. So much for a world class salmon fishery here in NL.

  • david
    April 27, 2013 - 13:11

    If you thin there's any empirical correlation between acts of poaching and the money spent on monitoring in this province, you clearly don't appreciate the intense local "zeal"....nay, the genetic urges.... for poaching, for getting-it-before-someone-else-does mentality here. And fighting it harder is more likely to get someone killed than it is to reduce poaching. There ain't enough money on Earth, there's other things we need worse, and there's not much anything worthy of saving anyway. T'is what t'is.