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  • Doug Smith
    May 06, 2013 - 09:48

    Mr. Smith, your column about the joys of paddling a canoe would have been enjoyable reading except for the extolling of Pierre Trudeau’s supposed virtues. Pierre Trudeau, while prime minister, it must be remembered was Newfoundland’s public enemy number one. There is no evidence whatever that Trudeau’s journeys in the wild by canoe ever inspired him to do anything worthwhile for Newfoundland. Quite the contrary, he had it in his power, while prime minister, to grant Newfoundland control and ownership of the offshore oil resources but he freely chose to not do so, thereby relegating Newfoundland to be a perpetually “have not” province. It took the courage and leadership of Brian Mulroney to give Newfoundland full control of the offshore oil resources, even though the Canadian Supreme Court and the Newfoundland Supreme Court ruled that Canada, not Newfoundland had ownership and control of the offshore oil resources. So we had Newfoundlanders on the Newfoundland Supreme Court turning against the people of the province and taking Canada’s side. My suggestion to you Mr. Smith, would be to delete all references to that arrogant, elitist, snob in your column, thereby making your writing pleasant reading. Doug Smith, GFW