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Recent comments

  • grisha
    May 28, 2013 - 11:40

    Gee, thanks Russell. Now you have me wondering if I locked the house up when I left this morning.

  • Colin Burke
    May 27, 2013 - 11:22

    Reading this column reminded me of a short item I wrote in the 1970s while a reporter with The Western Star, after taking the police report from overnight. The Corner Brook city RCMP detachment had recorded four arrests, all of them for public drunkenness, and the Corner Brook RCMP rural detachment had recorded two arrests, both of them for public drunkenness. To those short statements of fact, I appended a brief comment: "The incidence of crime is greater in urban areas." The editor cut that bit out. In those days I had a bit of fun inserting bits the editor later cut out. I even still have my carbon copy of a very short story about MP Jack Marshall from which an editor failed to edit something after I felt certain he had caught it. Mr. Marshall was very nice about it, asking only for a written apology to be shown others only if someone brought the matter up, which so far as I know no one did except for one person's remarking to the editor, "That was a strange thing for Jack Marshall to say." Another time, an uttterly absurd statement was preserved from publication by one colleague's looking among my carbons for something to give her a chuckle and another colleague's awareness of the innocence of editors and linotype operators (anyone remember those?) Ah, those were the days; thanks for the reminder, Mr.Wangersky.

  • crista
    May 25, 2013 - 08:33

    Of your 18,669 days and nights for reasons not to.What have you gone through???? take a look at your government sittings???? your covering of stories and your editorial pages and the way you have to inform the public for the reasons for public interest???? and also the position you work in,it would remind or come back to memory of some one that could get very confused with in those days and nights???? then you got to look at how much was done and how much was not done and how are you and not only you are left carrying what actually goes on about what you mentioned in your article,not saying it is not an interesting article???? one would have to say it would have to be interesting job(s) would you say and the types of humans you had to deal with in those 18,669 days and nights???? now the the question how much was done to benefit society living in the faith of our times now look at it from the start of these 18,669 days and nights and look at this in your view of what has really gone on???? and what has not been done and what should have being done and come to your own conclusion and to any one that is reading your article???? and ask your self who are the ones better off and think of the ones who has to keep it going because of some one else's decisions and choices????and not only talking about the 18,669 days and nights you mentioned in your article????