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    July 01, 2013 - 23:52

    Like Mary, I am worried about innocent parents.....but I'm even more concerned about innocent children who are neglected, physically and sexually abused, and murdered. I don't envy the job of those people who must decide when to act. When you have injuries medical experts feel are consistent with child abuse - but no smoking gun - what do you do? What exactly do you or Ms. Frampton want these agencies to do? Medical science - like the justice system - is not infallible. Sometimes they get it wrong. The only things we can insist on is that they use accepted standards of forensic analysis and that they act in good faith. When a child is taken in care, the system is well aware it might be called on to defend that decision in a court of law. People like Sharon should be afforded every opportunity to challenge an action that separates them from their children. And if Sharon wants to publicize her story - as a cautionary tale - with Ms. Frampton's help, that's fine too. But they shouldn't expect intelligent, fair-minded readers to share their criticisms and condemnations of the existing system based on the sparse, often contradictory and highly subjective picture painted in her columns. But as Ms. Frampton herself emphasizes, she is a columnist - not a reporter - and that, as such, we should not look for objectivity in her work.

  • ally
    July 01, 2013 - 15:25

    Im from ireland and my four month old grandson was taken into care as the doctor said it was shaken baby not fact it was her opinion and not a mark on the external and he is now a healthy two year old and his two brothers were also taken as nobody could exxplain his internel injuries we are still fighting but the laywers were no good they covered up alot what a living nightmare only people who have walked this path really understand

  • mary
    July 01, 2013 - 12:00

    Wow,it just blows my mind what is happening to the innocent parents and their child or children.My heart goes out to the families who have endured all this grief because of lack of misdiagnosis. Another thing I totally disagree with concerning Sharon is that according to the 2nd article " Justice at a heavy price" Sharon has to pay child support to the father of her child for the time that they had taken the baby from her(2 plus years)!!!! What is up with that......How much more does this mother have to go through.The doctors/medical people/family services are the people that should be paying for this and replacing every material thing she has lost. Shame on Them.