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  • Just Sayin
    July 13, 2013 - 09:22

    Mr .Crosbie, you say the Germans were amazed by the British tactics. It is correct to say " the stupid British tactics". Wasn't Haig awarded a large cash bonus at the end of the war, something like a quarter million dollars?( equal to 25 million now). And we honoured him on his visit here in 1924 to unveil the War Memorial for our dead and butchered young men. A bonus for the eventual victory, but how much is this for each young man butchered. And he never visited the front or the wounded!. Good British stiff upper lip. Little chance he would suffer from PTSD, or shell shock they called it then. And those of our soldiers that did so suffer, they ordered them executed, for cowardice. Some 300 British and a dozen Canadian if I remember correctly. How uncaring and inhumane. What a great man ,Haig! And what a stupid ignorant people we were to honour this man. And I guess some still would honor him. This was before your time but was your father among those locals who honoured Haig and considered him a great man? It is good you expose the crimes of Haig, though a cenutry late.