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  • Argus
    July 22, 2013 - 20:14

    Mr. Turpin does not seem aware of the role that the Royal Family plays in Canada's governance. They have no impact whatsoever on the environment – the government controls most crown land, except for a few properties owned by the Royal Family... Things like parks, which I'm quite happy to see them protect given the current federal attitude towards the environment. And then there's land claims. Yes, our First Nations made their deals with the Crown, which is really one of the few reasons why government's trying to undermine First Nation land rights (human rights) have not succeeded. The government could try and "order upwards" by demanding that the Royal Family comply with their wishes – legally, her could not refuse – but it would look tremendously shady for them to do so. And ultimately, that's why the monarchy is useful. From land rights to parliamentary procedure, they provide a symbolic check on government authority. I would hate to see a power-hungry politician like Stephen Harper placed at the front of our country as Head of State and saluted as Commander-in-Chief of our forces; long may our sovereign be an innocuous Royal!

  • Ben Turpin
    July 22, 2013 - 19:01

    Mr. Butler states the fact that Q is indeed our head of state. None of the more pressing concerns he has alluded to (land claims?, environment?) can be solved, because the buck stops with the British Monarchy. Yet, he states, "it’s honestly better to simply keep them out of sight and out of mind — an easy enough task" Is this not what the current government enjoys? A distant, unassailable head of state both effete and all-powerful, as required? I propose that Mr. Butler consider either finding the precious time to help oust the Monarchy in prelude to solving his alluded to concerns and issues or write a letter to his sweet, old infallible head of state voicing those same Canadian concerns and issues, whatever they are.