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Recent comments

  • grisha
    August 19, 2013 - 12:48

    Excellent column and comment by Concerned. In a private project gone south its volunteers that lose, in a government one the losers are conscripts.

  • Concerned
    August 17, 2013 - 06:05

    Excellent column. If Nalcor had followed their own gated management process this project wiuld not have passed their decision gate 2 in august 2010. Readers should review Exhibits 20-22 on the PUB website. Their DG2 assessment was a readiness review only. Their was no review of alternate sources of energy. There was also no review of the project economics. The only reference to markets, was that it was not going to be an issue to get a PPA with NL Hydro. When the mandate changed from developing the lower churchill, to meeting NL's power needs there should have been a full stop. The project should not have passed DG2 back in 2010. if Nalcor would have followed best practices, we would not be in the precarious place we find ourselves today. The project would have been suspended with much less exposure. The media should ask for Nalcor's management of change paperwork which would have recorded this very important shift in the project rational in 2010. This decision is when things started to derail, 3 years ago. That is the difference between crown corporations and real business.