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  • Roger
    August 26, 2013 - 22:16

    One of the main ingredients in fracking fluid is guar gum, mixed with soaps, surfactants, sand, and maybe some acids. I am sure it comes back out mixed with the oil, and is processed out of the final product. If it did stay in the reservoir, it would be no more hazardous than what was recovered from it. Anyone who has worked in oil and gas knows the some of the stuff coming out of a well will kill you good and dead, with fracking fluid being amongst the more benign substances they will probably have to deal with. H2S will kill you before you hit the ground.The fact that we don't know the exact mixture does not automatically imply some coke-bottle glassed minion surrounded by boiling flasks toiling away in a dark basement somewhere is plotting the downfall of mankind with his fracking fluid. It is generally considered bad form to kill your customers and employees. Most people strive to do a decent job and make things better, not worse.

  • Petertwo
    August 26, 2013 - 06:08

    And the mixture does not get forced up to the surface by the "Natural pressure within the reservoir.."? I do not believe Roger's comment was entirely complete, there was nothing about what happens to the mixture after all of the extraction is completed. Is it just left, is it pumped out to a surface holding area, what, what? It is not enough to just make money any more and then leave a mess for someone else to clean up, or worse, to suffer from the pollution effects. I think those days are over now. Complete the project and tell the whole story, instead of just dangling a few old carrots to get a start.

  • Roger
    August 25, 2013 - 15:35

    Fracturing has been used throughout the oil and gas industry for decades. The mixture is pumped into the rock formation under high pressure to break it up to allow the valuable oil and gas within in it to flow out of it more freely. It does not force it to the surface. Natural pressure withing the reservoir does that, through the bore hole. Think of it as clearing the sinuses of the formation, or getting a balloon treatment on your arteries to open them up. This takes place far below any aquifers.