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  • W Bagg
    September 09, 2013 - 12:55

    So how will the program work? Why should I return my broken 42" TV to a recycling center that I already paid $42.50 plus tax to and get nothing back. Essentially I am paying for the "association" to make money. I pay them $42.50 up front and they take my TV and sell it for scrap to earn profit. Sounds good to a consumer doesn't it. At least they are removing the mercury from the light source in my TV but don't care about the 50 or so Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (which contain mercury) I use yearly in my house. THIS FEE IS A BAD IDEA FOR YOU THE CONSUMER

  • Leo MacDonald
    September 09, 2013 - 08:44

    Its nice to see the government is so concerned about of environment. The fee is not that great for a clean environment. At the same time there is no way of disposing of all the fluorescence light bulbs that are in use. I recently checked with my town council on the destruction of such bulks and was told to put them in the regular household garbage that is the only way they knew off. I am calling from Deer Lake and I called the environment office in Corner Brook and was told I had to hold them until dangerous goods are collected which is once a year. There are plans to have proper disposal available but not until at least 2016. Worth looking into.

  • Uncle Scabby
    September 09, 2013 - 07:04

    1) like our old tyres being shipped to Quebec to be burnt in a cement plant, this is a poor solution to ship all this stuff back to roughly where it came from, Asia. Made in China, recycled in India. And we ask CBS residents to car pool while our junk tours the world! 2) We've been watching old CRTs on the curbs this past 2 years, and we get a fee? A fee is not an incentive, action depends the user, the same schmuck who pays the fee. Crazy. 3)Look at the great example of recycling shown in New Harbour. I guess we paid up front to have all those transformers "recycled" also. At least people are reusing oil for powersaw lube! 4)this is not a recycle program. It systematically depends on the consumer doing what it has never done, pay a fee AND incur its own transport, on some foolish depots schedule, get there, have to go get someone t help you bring your gear into the p Ace cuz they have a 90 lb student there on min wage. My gentle judas, is this not just another non-profit for some familial connections. White collar welfare. Stupid. If its not for profit, it is not efficient. Tax on this fee? Just a little extra insult we are so getting used to these days.