Snug as a bug made from mud

Paula Tessier
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For the past week and a half, whenever people have come to our house and are welcomed inside, within just a few short minutes they each inevitably get the same look of confusion, then alarm, on their faces.

It’s as good as a concert!

It all started with the torrential rain day we had the week before last. It was as though there were thousands of youngsters armed with super soakers, resting in the clouds and letting it rip!

On that day, everyone ran where they were going. Need the mail? Haul on your fast-drying sneakers and do your best Usain Bolt to the mailbox. Need to get to work and not look like you showered with your clothes on? You’d best break out the oilskins and drag them on over your suit.

That torrentially rainy day was at about Week 5 of hubby being off work and home with a partially torn Achilles tendon. That’s right, as though our summer wasn’t hard enough with our injured son, the husband also ended up in a boot cast. Now I know what you may be thinking; several weeks from work, resting with a remote? Show me where to sign up for that! But in reality, he’s hindered, the cast is hot, and the heavy thumping walk is even getting on his nerves now.

However, in all his stir-crazy boredom, he apparently hasn’t completely lost his sense of humour. On this muddy day, one of our offspring came through the front door, satched to the skin, and leapt upstairs to change. What they didn’t realize was that they somehow dragged in mud, a patch of it went flying, and landed on the wall.

I knew nothing of it at the time, so a lecture was spared. Well imagine my surprise though when later that day, while heading upstairs myself, I spotted on the wall in our hallway what appeared to be a large black insect with crawly legs and antennae!

First there was a jump and scream combo, then embarrassment because I’m generally not afraid of insects (raising three sons will do that to you), then the wonder of what the heck was it and how was I going to get it outside without killing it?

Oddly though, the creepy-crawly wasn’t moving. Was it already dead but just stuck there? Was it asleep and going to make its move once I got closer? Would it fly and frighten the be-jeepers out of me all together?

So, quite bravely I thought, it was time for a closer look.

Have you ever had an a-ha! moment, the need to suppress an urge to make away with someone, and the desire to crack up laughing, all at the same time? It’s overwhelming, but very possible. Hubby clearly has too much time on his hands, because he spotted that patch of mud on the wall, but instead of cleaning it off like any other sane person would, he grabbed a permanent pen — yes permanent — and drew those legs and antennae around the mud, to create what has now been lovingly referred to in our house as “Mud-Bug.”

Mud-bug has been quite the conversation piece, especially when people spot it for the first time. There is usually horror and wonderment from seeing this unfamiliar and unsettling species of insect. They then laugh at hubby’s creativity, then are surprised that once the mud is removed, the legs and antennae will still be there, and then encourage us to leave it on the wall “just a little while longer!”

So, a week and a half later, Mud-Bug is still with us. Hubby suggested that if I posted a picture on Facebook and it got at least 50 likes, we could wash it off. Well, we’re at well over 100 now, so it’s time to break out the Vim, or as I now like to call it, “Mud-Bug-Be-Gone”!

Is it time for him to go back to work yet?

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