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  • Politically Incorrect
    September 19, 2013 - 06:53

    Firstly, the existence of Iran's nuclear weapons programme is based on speculation, unlike Israel which we know has a large nuclear arsenal. Secondly, there never was doubt that Damascus had chemical weapons, the UN report reveals nothing unknown. Again, we know that Israel has used white prosperous in the past and while it has signed the Chemical Weapons Ban, it has not ratified it. The United States itself has ratified the Ban, but has avoided destroying its chemical weapon stockpile, despite promises a decade ago to do so. Thirdly, although the Unites States and its junior partners blindly accept that the Assad regime used these chemical weapons, the rest of the world is still waiting on the evidence. Who used them and why? Would it not be more advantageous for a third party, hoping to open up the Syrian conflict, to deploy such weapons under a false flag operation. The answer is not obvious. Fourthly, there never was a mandate given to the United States to be the "global placeman;" at least by the rest of the wold. That is an assumed mantle the Americans and their junior partners adopted along with American exceptionalism. This, however, does not excuse it's history of intervention into sovereign states in contravention of international law as well as it's long history of backing dictators, including Assad, while working to overthrow democratically elected governments. 9/11 means something else to Chileans who saw their own elected government overthrown by a CIA-backed coup forty years ago. The US isn't a police man, it's a rogue state.