Sometimes, curveballs are good

Paula Tessier
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Life sometimes has a way of throwing you a curveball and you either glove up and catch it, or bear the pain of a bare-handed catch. The ball is coming either way, whether you expected it or not, so you’ve got to deal with it.

Sometimes it’s the perfect pitch; other times not so much. Life is like that. Expect the unexpected, all the time.

We have three teenagers, and all kinds of great un-expectations come with that. Actually, we only have two teenagers now, the eldest is nearly 21, but I’m in denial about him being a full-fledged adult, legal in every country.

Over the past 21 years, we’ve experienced some not so great, some good, and thankfully lots and lots of great! All due to the offspring in our lives.

This summer seemed to send us a series of curveballs, only it felt like they were firing at us from one of those pitching machines that was on the blink, sending balls at us in chaotic fast forward.

In early June, we spent a fair bit of time volunteering for our middle son’s high school graduation, and consequent safe grad, an all-night extravaganza. One week later that same son was in surgery as the result of a horrible accident. Thankfully he is doing much better now, but for most of the summer we were looking for the person who was in control of the ball machine so we could hang him up by his earlobes.

We were just clear from that when I was then found knocking on doors every single waking, non-working minute of every day. Campaign season was upon us and because my name was on the ballot, there was much work to be done.

While this is a four-year occurrence, the great surprises laid with this year’s weather. Beautiful and warm nearly every day, save a few. It was wild! I’d never seen anything like it for fall of the year in Newfoundland.

That all came to an end last week, so now, after several months of bedlam, it was finally time to get life back to some sense of normal.

I only had one strategy in mind and that was to spend my first weekend at our peaceful place in Green’s Harbour.

I had nothing planned, nothing expected, except to cook fish for supper that first evening. That’s it!

Well wouldn’t you know it, the rain fell torrentially on Friday past, of course, but the lure of fried cod was so great I grabbed my rain coat, car keys and hit the highway anyway.

To my delight, I then heard from a friend who confirmed that she was coming to visit. Well I had more than enough fish, so we enjoyed a lovely supper and some great conversation. Didn’t care one bit about the poor weather.

The next morning, not only had the rain stopped, the sun was brilliant in the sky and it wasn’t just warm outside, it was hot! At the end of September, who expected that? So I set up my easel on the deck, popped up the umbrella, and began to paint.

Suddenly a text came across from another great friend, asking if there was any Green’s Harbour action happening. Before long, she was sitting on the deck with me and there may or may not have been uncorking of a chilled bottle involved. Yet another wonderful curveball that I was happy to catch.

And finally, to top off our weekend of greatness doing so very little, we discovered that the apple tree on our property was completely laden down with fruit. Hundreds of red and green orbs, clustered together on branches, just waiting to be picked. So pick them we did. Well, some of them — the ripe ones we could reach. Most certainly didn’t expect to be doing that.

All in all, a weekend without any plan at all ended up being simply fantastic! Seems like someone has decided we’ve caught enough tricky curveballs for a little while. We are happy to catch the gentle lob-pitches for now.

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Geographic location: Newfoundland

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