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Recent comments

  • Cyril Rogers
    October 04, 2013 - 22:03

    It is so easy to pick on Ms Dunderdale and, heaven knows, she deserves all the criticism she is getting nowadays. However, she is merely carrying out the dictates of Danny Williams in trying to push through his "legacy" project. Bill 29 was, in part, passed to ensure any damaging information regarding the Muskrat Falls project would be kept under wraps. It is obvious that it has no merit and Ms Dunderdale is being more than simply stubborn. The PC's owe their political good fortune to Danny and he is being repaid. They are falling on the sword for his impulsive decision to go through with the MF project and have deliberately blinded themselves to new energy realities.

  • Maggy Carter
    October 04, 2013 - 15:41

    Yes one would think that the "PC's impending decimation in October 2015" would be motivation enough to oust a highly unpopular and ineffectual leader. There are reasons this hasn't happened and probably won't for another year. The first is the powerful group of special interests who are desperate to avoid a halt, or even a review, of the Muskrat Falls project. The underpinnings of that project at the moment resemble a house of cards. Replacing Dunderdale at this point might well be the gust of wind that brings them down. The fallout from the collapse, reconfiguration or downsizing of Muskrat at this stage would extend well beyond the Confederation building. Larges sums of money are at stake, as are the careers and reputations of important people. The second reason for political inertia is even simpler - the shakers and movers within the party have concluded (I think correctly) that the damage done by Dunderdale is beyond repair. There is no great line-up of would-be replacements anxious to take on the horrendous mess that would be left behind. A little late many feel to ask the captain of the Titanic to step aside. And then there is the most basic reason of all for the reluctance of rank-and-file members of the Tory caucus to change horses (or mules) at this stage. If there is a strong likelihood of your being wiped out politically in the next election, then you might as well keep this government going until the next scheduled election rolls around two years from now. Had the Tories not given Dunderdale a resounding, if hallow, vote of confidence at Gander two weeks ago, she would have resigned. That, by law, would necessitate an election within twelve months, thus cutting short the perks and plump pay packets of a great many MHAs. Why settle for another year at the trough when you can have two?

  • Kilgore Trout
    October 04, 2013 - 15:23

    I agree with the Telegram editors that this hasn't been a successful government for NL thus far, but the level of vitriol in these articles is starting to get a bit tiresome. And isn't it all rather obvious? That a government that has the lowest popularity of any in Canada probably doesn't stand a great chance of being reelected. I'd like to see some more nuance to these articles, less self indulgence.

  • Ben
    October 04, 2013 - 08:52

    Another pissed off reporter who can't get Cabinet Ministers briefing notes! Whether you like it or not Dunderdale was elected in 2011, for a 4 year term. I will leave it up to Premier Dunderdale when she wants to leave, not some disgruntled reporter, or editor in this instance, who keeps wanting to sway the people in this province. PS...you could say the media is doing its best to doom this government. Hard to believe we have come to this...worst journalism ever.

    • NL Taxpayer
      October 04, 2013 - 13:26

      Oh Ben, Ben, Ben. This reporter is reporting. It is what reporters do. You don't agree with what's going on, I can see, but attacking the messenger won't help. This government needs no help in dooming itself. Cuts to Heath Care, cuts to Education, increased costs for services, all to pay for that huge hole in the ground in Labrador called Muskrat Falls. I see no end in sight for the waste of taxpayers money on this disaster that will make Churchill Falls look like a lottery win. More that $1.5 million dollars a day, every day, 365 days a year for the next 4 years to pay for this colossal blunder. And, of course, we have The Official Secrets Act, Bill 29 in place so we can't even find out how our $10 billion dollars are being spent. Yes, it is hard to believe we have come to this, indeed!

  • Watch Ross Reid
    October 04, 2013 - 08:37

    That's why Danny's man, Ross Reid was put into the Premier's Office. It's not about ressurecting Dunderdale, It's all about timing he retirement and choosing a new leader (from outside the existing caucus) to battle the 2015 general election. Ross doesn't know much about policy but he knows political tactics very well.

  • Peas in a pod
    October 04, 2013 - 08:31

    I'm confused. First you write "Dunderdale is no Danny, obviously" Then you describe her faulty traits as "Arrogance. Stubbornness. Condescension. Ineptness. Hubris. Ego." In other words, the difference is not so obvious after all.