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Recent comments

  • peter l
    October 09, 2013 - 13:38

    Keith, you should read the article again, the Heather is a he, not a she, named Larry Heather. As well, the article is not entirely correct, many Americans are against the Obamacare, and it is hung up on more factors than what the writer claims to be only Christian fundamentalists. He should look deeper into the issue, even many athiests and other non Christians are against Obamacare. The article really oversimplifies the issue.

    • Keith Hannaford
      October 09, 2013 - 21:11

      Oops! My bad on the gender. Otherwise, my point stands.

  • Herb Morrison
    October 09, 2013 - 10:54

    Advocates of the type of right-wing, Christian Fundamentalism which borders on extremism; to which Mr. Jackson makes reference to in this column, have been attempting to scare Hell out of people in this Province for a number of years. The fact that the pews of these particular Christian Churches, which prey on peoples’ fear in order to induce people to become believers, are full on any given Sunday; demonstrates clearly; that, playing on the feelings of insecurity, that no one living in today’s world is entirely immune from experiencing, is almost a sure fire way to fill either the pews of a Church or the seats at a political rally. In addition, the leaders in these Churches also attempt to induce in their adherents the unchristian idea that people to promote notion that all Christians are superior to other mortals, who choose not to be Believers. Such a scenario is not unique to this generation. In the days of my youth Christian Fundamentalists such a Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and Rex Humbard, used the spectre of Hellfire and Brimstone consuming the unbeliever, as a means of inducing in unbelievers the notion that a quick conversion to Christian Beliefs was in their best interests, should they wish to avoid Divine retribution either in this world or the fires of Hell in the next. As Mr. Jackson stated in his column we should not ignore the right-wing Fundamentalist Christian views being expressed by Christian extremists be they located either in the U.S.A. or right here within the confines of our own Province. Finally, the idea expressed by right-wing fundamentalist Christians such as Michelle Bachman, which essentially says to non-believers: I’m saved, to Hell with you and the world you live in, is not a Christian concept. As a Christian, I am II am guaranteed both Spiritual strength in this world, and eternal Spiritual life in Heaven; following my physical demise. Mind you it is not because I am any more deserving than anyone else. I have chosen to be a follower of Christ, and believer in God. Because I choose to have faith in God, the same gracious, loving and forgiving God grants supports me in this world and provides eternal spiritual life for my Soul in the next. The choice to become a Believer is up to each individual person, and is offered to every human being.

  • Keith Hannford
    October 09, 2013 - 10:51

    This "Heather" you quote was wrong even though she said two right things. 1) It is a mistake for Calgarians to endorse swearing-in for office on the Qur'an. But, and I'm sure this is where Heather and I would disagree, swearing on the Bible is a mistake too. 2) Because both the Bible and the Qur'an espouse values that do not produce a basis for democracy (Western or otherwise). Doubtless, Heather is being a bigot, but it's worth drawing a line between the literal meaning of her words, with which I agree, and her intentions in uttering them, which I oppose.