Let the good times roll

Gerry Phelan
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It’s Thanksgiving weekend.     Whew! Where did that come from? The first pumpkins went up in the windows before September was done and now the stores are posting signs that Christmas has arrived. Ah, no. Not yet. Can we at least pause for this weekend to remember all we have to be thankful for? 

Isn’t it absolutely wonderful that we live in a place brimming with prosperity, where there are no poor people, where everyone has a job and a comfortable place to call home?

In fact, there are so few of us looking for work, and such a demand for employees, that we are holding workshops on ways to make more babies and to convince others from faraway places to move to our little piece of heaven.

This government has already done what none before it could accomplish. All our sons and daughters are home. There is no need to leave, with all the wealth and excitement and opportunities here. We should be thankful for that.  

We should be thankful that the wages in our province have more than met the cost of the inflation from this new prosperity. We don’t mind paying five bucks for a package of cereal or even more than that for a bag of eight miserable apples. We can pay that, and more.  

We are so blessed that we can all afford gas, home heating oil and electricity, no matter how high it goes. We don’t complain. We just put it on the credit card, which reminds me, we should also be thankful that none of us carry balances on those cards. We don’t need to. We’re all rich with those monthly cheques from the province’s oil royalties. Yee-haw! The Texas of Canada!  

Rents are high, but no worries. Even seniors don’t mind. Our pensions are all doing great, and indexed, to keep up with any hikes in the cost of living.   

We are so fortunate that we can cut a thousand jobs from our health-care system and no one notices. The patients are well cared for, and the staff here are so good they can be in three places at one time.  

We should be so thankful for a system that permits an elderly woman to stay in a comfy hospital bed, accompanied by the sick and sicker, while she awaits a similar comfy bed in the seniors home. Yes, once she gets there, she can stay in that bed most of the day because the staff are too few or too busy to get her up and dressed. A nice rest, I guess. When she does get up, there’ll be plenty of television to stimulate her, and an option of spaghettios for lunch! Lots to look forward to there. We must remember to give thanks for that.

How lucky are we that none of us have to drive at night? Thankfully, the moose took care of that. They helped us develop a fear of driving after dark, something that has been wonderful for the hotels and inns, and the scattered restaurant and bar. No need to come up with a solution.

Speaking of our roads, they are in such great shape that we only complain when there are delays to repair them. Some might prefer we let them rot for another year. Sure we’re all driving big trucks with the oil money. And those places where the roads are bumpy and pothole filled, that’s fine, too. All that movement is good for the digestion, especially for school kids on those long bus rides.

Our government coffers are so swelled and public servants making such great money that they’ve just agreed not to have a raise for a couple of years. They don’t need it I guess. We are so blessed to be all doing so well.

It’s Thanksgiving and yes, my musings are in jest. Still, given the millions and millions, if not billions, of dollars someone is making from our resources, we really should be doing better.

The good times aren’t what most of us expected. To quote Dickens: “Please sir, I want some more.”

 Gerry Phelan is a journalist and former broadcaster. He can be reached

at gerryp@bellaliant.net.

Geographic location: Texas, Canada

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