Fight the good fight

Ed Smith
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I see Messrs. Duffy and Brazeau, plus Ms. Pam­ela Wallin, are about to be suspended from the Senate for deeds unbecoming a decent human being.

Great God from Gander Bay! How bad are you when that Chamber of the Corrupt wants nothing more to do with you! That, as evidenced by the exclamation mark, is a statement, not a question.

I know you knew that. I have the most educated readership imaginable. That doesn’t mean they’re always right; it just means they’re well educated.

I have believed throughout this current Senate fiasco that greater minds than those of the aforementioned have been behind things all along.

According to the news yesterday, I see I was wrong. The “mind” has been no less a personage than the prime minister, which negates the idea of a “greater mind.”

It seems that, at least in the case of Mr. Duffy, it was Mr. Harper who OKed his characterization of “residence” as being a legitimate basis for ex­pense claims.

Duffy doesn’t name Harper, of course. The source of his approval for almost $90,000 worth of expense claims is listed as the PM’s office.

I find it hard to believe that anything comes out of that office without Harper’s personal stamp of approval.

At any rate, the senator’s lawyer claims to have proof that not only did the approval emanate from that office, so did the “command” to reimburse Mr. Duffy for his housing debt.

What a motley crew!

These are the people, ladies and gentlemen, who claim to be the guardians of our democratic process.

In the meantime they take every opportunity, with the approval of the “higher ups” in our system, to rob us taxpayers and voters blind.

With Remembrance Day so close to us again, it strikes me that the contempt of these people for those who fought to maintain our freedoms is almost beneath comment. This is what members of your family and mine died to protect? Words fail me when I see politicians or anyone abusing the sacrifice of those men and women whose shoes they’re not worthy to unlace.

And now, others belonging to the higher echelons of political life have taken a knife to their leader’s back. I refer to the powerhouse caucus of the provincial NDP who, without any warning, attacked Lorraine Michael with an email evidently demanding a leadership review

As far as I know, they didn’t meet with her privately to talk about their issues before sending that email — which soon became public. Classy move, don’t you think?

I don’t know what their problems are with Ms. Michael, or whether or not they are justified. But that question is moot, as the lawyers would say. They have alienated any support from those who would not want to support what is to me is a politically cowardly move.

Of course, they had precedent for their actions. Remember Ms. Verge and Messrs Byrne and Fitzpatrick? Or was it Byrne and Fitzgerald? I guess it’s not the case that one name Fitz all.

I was never a member of the NDP. I think I voted for them once, but I also remember voting for the Green Bay Packer, Bill Smallwood. Can’t remember why. Must have been in a coma.

I have never been a member of the Liberal party, although I have voted for them, or it might have been the PC crowd.

I vote as the spirit moves me, as my dear father used to say. The spirit was never tied irrevocably to any particular party. Consequently, neither was I.

I was always a strong supporter of Ms. Michael. To me, she has grace and a quiet strength much becoming the leader of a party with the values and purpose of the NDP.

At the same time, she isn’t easily intimidated. I watched her face down the premier of the province in an intense debate in the House of Assembly.

Her age isn’t a factor for me. I don’t want anyone telling me there is something I cannot do because of my age, unless it’s the only male in a menage à trois. Even then, I would give it my all.

I used to compare Ms. Michael to Israel’s Golda Meir, the feisty leader of Israel when they were in danger of being engulfed by large Arab nations all around them. I don’t know how many potential supporters the NDP has lost with their action, but I know at least one. I just hope Ms. Michael gets up on her hind legs and snaps at every one so that they back away from that letter with their tails between their legs.

It would seem that one of the signatories to that communication has already backed off from what was perceived as the original intent — to get Ms. Michael out of their hair once and for all.

Now he’s saying that he was somehow coerced into signing and that he had never read the letter prior to that. Or, in other words, “The devil made me do it!”

Can you believe that? That’s the kind of person we want as a political leader? A man with a mind of his own who, when he’s caught doing something stupid and dangerous and belittling to himself and someone else, can say with great conviction, “The devil made me do it!”

Then the same individual made another incredible statement to the effect that he hadn’t really read the letter before signing it. Can you believe that?

That’s the kind of person we want leading our government, or representing our province to the rest of Canada and, indeed, the rest of the world? A person who, unable to make up his own mind on something, thereafter blames everyone but himself?

A person who, having said or done something inexplicable, tries to explain what he has done with another inexplicable explanation?

Great God from Gander!

Poor devil! It seems he/she/it (if God can be male or female or neither, the character who occupies the other end of the goodness scale should be afforded the same potential) is always being blamed for the stupidity of others. For some reason, these “others” are often found in the realm of the politician.

We are left to speculate on the identity of the devil. Unfortunately, as in so many of these political in-fights and character assassinations, there is always a victim or two.

Fight the good fight, Lorraine Michael.

Ed Smith is an author who lives in Springdale.

His email address is

Organizations: Chamber of the Corrupt, NDP, House of Assembly.Her

Geographic location: Gander Bay, Israel, Green Bay Canada Springdale.His

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