From power ranger to power nap

Paula Tessier
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On Sunday past, we spent a little bit of time with some wee and not so wee children whom we all just adore. The youngest of the pack are our four-year-old nephew and two-year-old twin niece and nephew. They only just moved back from the mainland earlier this year and it’s still such a treat to know that they are just a short drive away.

Now, I love my nephews more than words could ever express. Between both sides of our families, I have seven of them. Seven outstanding boys who all remind me time and time again that superhero capes and Ninja Turtles will always be cool, and that being even a little bit dirty is a completely natural state.

But this mother of three young men, not one daughter, has always enjoyed the company of our darling nieces. Six of them, from ages two to nearly 20, have me wrapped around their little fingers, bar-tight. So when I’m around them, part of me melts just a little bit.

Today, while determining that she would be the pink power ranger and I’d be the yellow one, our sweet littlest niece and I settled on a chair together.

You know that feeling when a toddler crawls in your arms and gets really comfy? And how about when their little head rests on you, and their body starts feeling a little heavier?

Best of all is when you see a little throw blanket and gently wrap it around her. With the coveted stuffed ducky in her pintsized grasp and her tiny thumb firmly plugged into her little chops, this baby girl and I both knew what was about to transpire; the most ever-relaxing, luxurious nap.

Sure enough, her eye lashes slowly dropped and she was out cold! I was in heaven — sweet baby girl in my arms, so comfortable and sound asleep. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced that, and it was just the loveliest thing. Once she was completely out though, we knew it would probably be best to let her sleep in her own bed. As hard as it was, I released her, tucked her in, and left her to snooze.

Later that afternoon, back at our own ranch, while reflecting on the great day so far, wondering how many Legos and superhero costumes the boys have, while still feeling the warmth of one precious little lady, I was feeling a little drowsy myself.

And then it hit me; if an afternoon bed-nap was just the ticket to keep small people bearable, perhaps it might work for adults as well. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’ve become quite good at the power nap on whatever surface I can find. Just 10 minutes is long enough to recharge my batteries. But on this day the lure of a warm blanket, comfy pillow and an even better pillow-top mattress was calling, so I thought, “Shag it!” and listened.

Well, here’s why crawling in bed during the day for a little siesta isn’t common practice amongst most adults: three hours later, I woke up. Three hours! And even then I had to be called.

Hubby must have thought I was in a coma, because it took more than one bellow to alert me enough to get up. Do you know that feeling of waking after an honest to goodness solid sleep? You know, when you’re awake but really not? When you can hardly string together a sentence that makes sense or would give anything just to go back to bed and stay there for several hours more? Well that was me.

It took two cups of tea and a face wash to bring me around.

That’s where the two-year-old and the 44-year-old differ. She wakes hitting the ground running. I just need to avoid hitting the ground.


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