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  • Don Lester
    November 17, 2013 - 11:34

    I concur with Mr. Crosbie's arguments that we must maintain the Senate, a body separate from the House of Commons. to be a neutral body in monitoring the governments actions.You will always find a bad apple in any barrel (in this case 3), You will never find a "perfect person" , the trick is to appoint an honest, hard working person who will take the job seriously. You should not throw out the "baby with the bath water". There are good, honest hard working Senator's and just to name two, Elizabeth Marshall and Fabian Manning . I know this for a fact in knowing these two people and their work ethics. The Senate CAN work but I thinkit does need reform. To abolish it would prove nothing except to lose control over government legislation, which must have Senate approval before passage. Also there is a tremendous amount of committee work carried out by this group which greatly assists government in it's national and international decisions. Yes, tighten up on expense spending , travel and other costs associate with the Senate but to just throw it out would prove nothing and cause a greater problem.

  • Peedeecee
    November 16, 2013 - 19:46

    I agree with Mr. Crosbie's recommendations for keeping and improving the Senate, with one exception: please, no more Senate appointments made by a Prime Minister, which are too frequently political. A panel of public- and community-minded Canadians, under the auspices of the Governor-General, might suffice to choose wisely.