The haunting voice of Rod Stewart

Dale Jarvis
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“My mother sometimes used to say she thought the place was cursed.”

The place in question was a house in Glovertown, the house in which “Molly” grew up. It was a small, one-level home with three bedrooms. The house had been constructed by Molly’s grandfather and great-grandfather circa 1978. It was yellow with brown trim, and had been built for Molly’s mother and father.

For a period of several years, between 1980 and the 1990s, a series of strange happenings took place in the dwelling, many of which were focused around the smallest bedroom in the house.

“I think my mother thought it was strange, but never really believed in those types of things,” says Molly. “She always brushed it off. Maybe it was so we wouldn't be as frightened.”

“When my oldest sister was around four, she slept in the smallest bedroom, and once she got older it then became my room.”

When Molly was about 15 years old, she had left her guitar leaning up against her bedroom wall while she was doing her homework. All of a sudden, the guitar strummed by itself.

“I wasn't long running out of there,” Molly says.

As a young girl, she had a strange dream in the room. She would dream of a white gloved hand emerging through the wall near the closet. The hand would wave towards her, as if beckoning the child to come closer. Unbeknownst to Molly, her sister had experienced the same vision in the room, when she was the same age. Neither sister told the other at the time, and it was not until the girls were much older that they shared the story, and found they had both dreamed of the same ghostly gloved hand, urging them nearer.

“Neither of us knew we shared the same dream until much later in life,” says Molly, “which I thought was really bizarre!

“This probably has nothing to do with it, but our house was constantly being hit by lightning,” adds Molly. “Broken VCRs, broken TVs, the telephone was hit once, and also the light switch for the bathroom, all on different occasions.”

Perhaps all that spare electrical energy had something to do with another strange happening in the house.

“My sister and I were alone listening to a Rod Stewart tape in her bedroom,” Molly relates. “When we were finished, she got in the shower, while I went in the living room to watch TV. When all of a sudden, on comes the Rod Stewart tape.

“I thought, OK, I just forgot to turn it off. So I went in the bedroom (and) turned off the tape. I went back in the living room. A few minutes later, the same thing: on comes Rod Stewart again.”

Molly knocked on the bathroom door and told her sister something weird was going on, but the sister didn’t believe her.

“So, I went and turned off the music again,” she continues, “went back in the living room and guess what happened? Rod Stewart again! This time my sister came out of the bathroom and we were both pretty horrified.”

“I can't remember what happened after that, but I can never hear Rod Stewart again without getting the creeps,” she adds.

I must admit that I, too, shudder a bit when I hear Rod Stewart, but in my case, it has little to do with ghosts.

Geographic location: Glovertown

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