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  • Cashin Delaney
    December 22, 2013 - 06:24

    Will Johansen tell us about the river valleys of Mars, once his employer decides that he is not distancing himself far enough from Nalcor's scope of work, with his Indonesian holiday? His vacation (I assume the Telegram didn't pay for this trip) shouldn't be spent visiting infrastructure - poor man is stressed enough from his public shaming and should get to relax for a week to 10 days without investigating local hydro projects on his own dime. However, I have a feeling that this journalist didn't go to Indonesia, and is regurgitating to us about something he read about. Mastered by TC media, afraid to write what he chooses, forced to veil and couch his language and even geography to make a dollar (of which Harper and Kathy share) just to get money for food to eat. Another sacrifice on the altar of the Unaskable Question meant to quiet the herd, like Cabana's "Judge Judy" courtcase. Muskrat Falls has to be framed as a financial puzzle, not an environmental mystery. We have a faker government, a faker Crown energy corporation. Cui bono?