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  • Canada 2013
    December 23, 2013 - 13:37

    If you aren't a member of the choir, this latest stunt has made PETA , Pam @ Simon look desperate, ineffectual and desperate. That is how it looked to those who could care less, those who have a slight interest & those on the fence. I saw an older guy tell Simon to go back to the USA and harass Alaskan sealers, Pam. Is Pam, and VP of PETA was a bit upset that. only a few retired men showed up. Look up Annemieke Roell, a devout IFAW anti sealer for more than a decade, but got the boot from the organization once she expressed her distaste at how sealers and fishermen were portrayed. It's interesting. Yes ,newfs and others shoukd keep their cool when dealing with the animal rights folks. Ask questions though. The Eu is the largest fur producers on the planet. Check European fur breeders association. Look up North American Fur Au tions...EU nations buy and sell their farmed and wild furs in Canada. Something wrong here? Fur is a billion euro industry. It's not going anywhere. Pam and Sam aren't going to attack anybody with the coin to fight back, which is why the sealers need to keep their cool when dealing with them. The ASPCA just paid out almost 10 million to Feld entertainment as part of a RICO case settlement. HSUS will he paying double that to Feld......Feld owns Ringling Bros. The 2 mention animal rights groups got caught paying people.to lie about how Feld treats its animals. They lie about skinning seals alive too. The sealers just don't have then money to drag these groups through the courts. Feld does. No morals just $$$. And yes RICO is the word you've heard in mob movies....Racketerring, IntimidAtion And Corrupt Organizations act....check it out ASPCA and our dear and well known HSUS are dealing with a RICO case and for the first time losing. While it.may look bad for the sealing industry...keep calm and stay smart.