Biting at the bit

Ken Simmons
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I think it is perfectly normal for me to be surfing the motorcycle sales ads while we sit halfway through a 30-centimetre snowfall. I can't think of a better time to dream of warm winds, open roads and blue skies.
There's nothing like a four-wheel drift across a full parking lot to bring on the longing for dry pavement, either. An empty parking lot? Well, that's another story for another day.

I guess it's the slow increase of daylight time, the subtle promise of evening sunsets over Conception Bay or the hills of Humber Valley, or the far horizon off the southern shore that bring the bike back to the top of mind. That, and the fact that most riders will tell you it is never far from top of mind.

Yes, we have weeks - and not just a couple - left to survive before we can swing a leg over the steed and get those horses galloping, but this weekend is one weekend closer, and we can pin our pining on that, for now.

Have we counted the minutes - has it come to that? Of course it has. A hundred and fourteen days to May 24 from the time this is written.

Not to suggest May 24 will be the earliest ride, just to say that is the traditional start to all things summer. Even if there is still snow on the ground.

Will we ride before then? Quite likely. The diehards among us will trot out the two-wheeler at the slightest hint of acceptable conditions. Acceptable, not appropriate, as in 4 C is acceptable for a quick run up the shore if the sun is good. Watch the leftover ice.

Late on a Saturday night, snow still piled high on the lawn, a friend looked at me and said he would take his bike out now, if he could.

I couldn't disagree, or even question his sanity.

Without questioning my own.



Geographic location: Conception Bay, Humber Valley

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