The forecast calls for moving

Paula Tessier
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Does anyone have a load of moving boxes, a few trucks and lots of elbow grease that we can utilize? That’s it, we’re moving.

Not far mind you, just an hour away to our spot in Green’s Harbour, and just until this wretched winter decides to stop torturing us with endless snow storms and frigid temperatures.

Well, perhaps that might be a bit extreme, but the temptation has never been as great as it was this past weekend.

On Friday I decided to hop in the car at lunchtime and head to our haven to work from there for the rest of the afternoon, cook a lovely feed for supper, then break out the paints and get messy for the rest of the night.

I packed up from our home in Mount Pearl while looking outside at five feet of snow on the front lawn, with the backyard looking nothing like spring, either.

Once I was about 30 minutes out on the highway, there was a dramatic difference in the amount of accumulated snow. In fact, there was more green than white, and I was absolutely loving it!

Here’s where it got totally weird and completely awesome all at the same time; when I pulled off the highway and headed towards our beloved getaway, it was a struggle to find enough snow in one place to make a snowball.

How the heck was that possible?

Well, it turns out that working from our place overlooking Trinity Bay made a Friday afternoon much more pleasurable, made supper taste that much more delectable, and you know that the Zack Brown Band and Maroon 5 were cranked up on bust while I was painting later that night.

The next day I was in no rush to head back home. Hubby joined me for lunch and we were actually able to sit outside on the deck to enjoy our tea. As the day progressed, and as usual, I got increasingly crooked about leaving. But, like a big girl, I packed up my brushes and hit the highway.

For the first time, my sookiness continued well into the evening back home, and I’m blaming it entirely on all the snow. So Saturday evening, hubby and I made a plan — we’d hop in the car and go back to our snowless haven the very next morning for brunch, and would guilt our boys into joining us. The lure of maple smoked bacon didn’t hurt the cause. We are clearly not above bribery.

So, with three grown young men and one grandmother in tow, we donned our sunglasses and hit the road.

It was a dazzling day and the lack of snow seemed to creep up on us even faster, and before we knew it, our dining table was filled with hungry people enjoying what has now been termed, “The Green’s Harbour Breakfast Special” — scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, homemade jams from the local store Nic Naks, fresh fruit and enough tea and coffee to keep you awake for a week.

If the day before was pleasant outside, Sunday was nearly unbelievable. Not a cloud in the sky, not a ripple on the water, and not a sweater needed to sit out and enjoy the works. It was like we were in a different world.

That’s what makes the forecast this week so unbelievably painful, like taking a giant leap backwards, because we know the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula is getting pounded, but for our precious Green’s Harbour to turn white again? Well, that’s just cruel!

However, if this past month is any indication, the snow will melt faster there and we’ll be basking in the sun, surrounded by green again. And because we’re such swell people, if you’re sick of winter, you can come out for the Green’s Harbour Breakfast Special as well. Since I know most of you are as winter stir crazy as we are, reservations might be a good idea.

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Organizations: Zack Brown Band, The Green

Geographic location: Mount Pearl, Trinity Bay

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